Thursday, June 26, 2014

on change

{ What I Wore on a date: (old) H&M tank (similar) // Storets {vegan} leather skirt // Steve Madden heels ℅ Macy's // clutch ℅ Gigi New York }

all photos | Alyssa Torrech Photography

It is funny to look back at the version of myself that moved to Nashville 5 years ago. I was ending a 4 year relationship, moving away from all my college friends, embarking on a crazy journey towards a Ph.D., living in the "big city" after calling small town Arkansas home my whole life, & oh so young! 

5 years has brought change - new friends, new experiences, a degree, different last name, a career change, many moves, the loss of friends (growing older sadly sometimes means growing apart), & 2 adorable pug children.

I hear change when my alarm now goes off at 5am. I see change when I look in my closet & the pencils skirts have replaced the comfy blue jeans at the front of my wardrobe. I feel change when I come home from work after a 12 hour day of teaching & have never felt more fulfilled. I smell change when my husband cooks dinner, as we both adjust to the new life that is ours (he's shaping up to be pretty skilled in the kitchen!). I taste change when my Friday nights are more like ice cream and a movie on the couch rather than beer and honky tonks downtown.

Change is good. Change is hard. Change is refreshing. Change is the only thing we can grow to count on in this life.

I am so thankful to be surrounded by friends and family that embrace, support, love, and comfort during the many changes and stages in my life.

And just so you know, 26 going on 27 year old Jessica can totally still rock this skirt like 22 year old Jessica once did! Age is just a number right!? (less than 2 months till my 27th birthday and it's making me all sentimental!)

*Except this time, I'm headed out to dinner with my husband instead of dancing on bars with the ladies. Yup, things have changed.
How are things changing in your life? Any profound reflections on how the past 5 years have looked?

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  1. I really love that outfit!!! We are headed to Nashville in September to see Randy Rodgers at the Ryman and I can't wait!! Let me know if there are any places we MUST go, we will be there all weekend, and I want to squeeze in lots!

  2. This outfit is spot on! I love the mix of fabrics and the pleats. You look fantastic! And cheers to change - it's the only constant.
    Haute Child in the City

  3. Super pretty outfit....you can still rock it! Don't forget to still take some time once in awhile to still go out dancing with the ladies though :)

  4. Jessica, this is so touching and real! And you look amazing. Perfect for a date night :)

  5. You look SO GORGEOUS! I love this outfit. And I completely feel you on change too. 22 year old me would be appalled at how much I enjoy weekends at home these days! ;)

  6. you, my friend, are beautiful inside and out. i love this post and getting to know you better.

  7. This is my favorite post from you so far! I agree, aging isn't a bad thing and I love how you break down change and all the ways you notice it happening around you. Great outfit, too ;)

    26 and Not Counting

  8. I love this whole outfit, you look great!



  9. Shutup.. you look amazing! And I'm sure that 22 year old Jessica would be very proud of (almost) 27 year old Jessica! ....but for real, this outfit is seriously perfect.
    Btw, I used you as my pinspiration for an outfit on my blog today :)
    <3 danielle

  10. ah change. i see that myself too when i look at my closet, when i look at my friday nights, my bank account, and my spending priorities. i'm headed toward 25 right now and that birthday seems deeply horrifying! :) haha! but i am headed down the gettin' hitched road too and that will be both the biggest and smallest change to come.

    ladies in navy

  11. first off you look AMAZE, you tan godess!!!! Second, love this and yes change is good but also so so scary! p.s we need to hang!

  12. these pictures are so perfect. You look wonderful and you wear that skirt better than any 22 year I've seen haha

  13. A lot has certainly changed for you! Congrats on all your accomplishments! Also, this outfit, is HOTTTTTTTTTT! You look amazing!

  14. Change can be so hard but it can be good too. You look stunning.

  15. gorgeous skirt! you look incredible!



  16. I love this look! Also, I didn't realize that you were that much older than me. Haha. You totally do not look it! (:

    Sharena C.

  17. This is such a fun post :) I loved getting to know more about you!! I LOVE pugs--I have to myself :) And you are totally rockin that skirt just as well as any 22 year old around!



  18. This outfit is gorgeous and you definitely rock this skirt well, probably better than you did at 22

    Fashion and Happy Things

  19. I'm experiencing a lot of change recently, too...! It feels overwhelming at times (mostly because I don't like change that much), but it's exciting...and life is supposed to be lived!

    xo Kimi

  20. The last 3 years have definitely been nuts for me. This whole having twins thing is a world-rocker. Life's pretty sweet though. Proud of you, sis!

  21. Ummm Miss Jessica, you are looking amazing in this outfit! All tan and svelte and foxy! You can definitely stick rock that skirt! This post definitely inspired me to reminisce too...a lot has changed for me in the past five years as well. I guess that's just part of life in your 20's, it's such a huge transition time for most people.

  22. Thank you for posting a sexy date night outfit! I've seen many a date night outfit posts and they almost never scream date night to me. I mean, date nights with your man is when you should be sexing it up!! You look fabulous & I'm POSITIVE Ty liked this outfit :-)

    Oooh change....I resist it so much but it just keeps happening! I wouldn't trade my new Friday nights (wine, pizza, pjs & baby bottles!) for anything. I have some still-single girlfriends and I can honestly say I don't envy their lifestyle anymore. Old married lady right here! ;-)

  23. Adorable!! This is a great date night look. Five years doesn't seem that long until you think back to what you were actually doing five years ago - it's really crazy!

    Kristina does the Internets

  24. Aww I love this post. You're making me all sentimental! I actually just got engaged, and I know that big changes are looming around the corner. Not only will I become a Mrs. next year, but I'll likely have to change jobs and move to Wisconsin as well. I'll definitely have to remind myself that change is good during those transitions... On another note, I am obsessed with this outfit. Girl, you're looking hot! Almost 27-year-old Jessica can definitely still pull off that skirt :)


  25. uhmmmm can we talk about your LEGS for a second?! I'd say 26ish year old Jessica is rocking that skirt just fine. so cool to read about allll the crazy changes that have happened since you moved to Nashville! I can completely relate, since I moved here from California 4 (almost 5) years ago to start school, make all new friends, live in a brand new place, etc. it's wild to think that much has changed in the past few years!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  26. Such an adorable outfit... totally need to get this to wow my hubbie! You look beautiful!

    Krista @ Joyful Healthy Eats

  27. This post is so well written. I especially love how you described how you hear, see, smell, and taste change. I'm definitely dealing with some struggles and some excitements of change myself, and I'm really glad I read this today. :)


  28. I bet you look better now than you id 5 years ago! Happiness will do that to a person, and great style too!! :-)


  29. hello hot mama! I am LOVING this look on you!

  30. love this post & you're right - we can always count on change - even when its really hard. glad to hear you're adjusting well!




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