Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Shopping: Dorm Do-Over

The glory days, graduating high school, packing up to head to college, dreaming of running wild & being free. Oh and the hot pink + neon green dorm room that my roommate and I had planned. It. Was. Epic. Blinding. 5 years post college graduation & I'm still trying to ditch those horrific lime green tubs, and hot pink furry pillows.

If I had the chance for a dorm room do-over, I would definitely plan a more neutral decoration design & head directly to Pottery Barn Dorm. PBdorm is the place for finding the key pieces to make your dorm room social central. It's funny but you don't really think about how your bed will also be a couch (folding chairs are key). How you will meet your future bridesmaids in the communal bathrooms (be sure to dress for shower line socializing in monogrammed bath wraps). Storage is a precious commodity (hello cute & versatile trunk). Or that the laundry room on a Saturday night is indeed where the party's at (get ready with cute laundry bags).

Make your dorm room stand out with stylish desk accessories, a lamp that pulls double duty (not like your phone battery ran down because you were texting in class or anything), cozy rugs, a conversation starting desk chair, Greek pride cork board, & girlie sheets! Have fun and make it YOURS! Added bonus, monograms take the personalization up a notch too!

So did your dorm room decor transition to post-grad life, or did you have to try and erase your neon color + zebra printed EVERYthing obsessed younger design decisions?
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Thanks to PBdorm for sponsoring this post and reminding me how chic dorm rooms can be!


  1. Could you believe how adorable and affordable these pieces were? Definitely a place I'll shop! - J


  2. whaaaa? people have dorm rooms like this these days?! my dorm room was all I could fit in my suitcase from California, and then whatever I could buy on tagalong trips with my roommate to the store. I would just like my real room now to look like that first one!

    ♥ perfectly Priya


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