Thursday, June 12, 2014

Wedding Week: Etsy Finds

Last day of wedding week! I know that Pinterest is now a huge resource for brides planning their big day, but another great place I found inspiration was Etsy. We definitely wanted our ceremony & reception to have a bit of a made-with-love personal touch, so finding unique, handmade items on Etsy was a huge procrastination tool at work fount of goodies!

These are the things that came to me in cute boxes from talented people all over the US via Etsy:
1. Flower crowns 
2. Pug bow ties
3. Tassel garlands - use these on 2 tables and some large balloons too! 

4. sequin hangers

5 . bridesmaid knot rings - I forgot in yesterday's Bridesmaids box, but this is a peek into what I sent when I asked to be a part of our wedding. A note, my request, and a knot ring, with the tag "thanks for helping me tie the knot"…. a tee hee!
6. embroidered parent hankies 

We also got our chalkboard stickers on Etsy! You can check out all my favorites on Etsy hereSome things that were made/gifted to me, but I've also seen great versions of them on Etsy.
return address stamp - saves your hand so much!
What have you found on Etsy lately?

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  1. How beautiful Jessica!!!!

  2. esty has so many great handmade things on it.

  3. I love the last hanger and the flower crowns. Everything looks so delicate!

    26 and Not Counting

  4. :) i am looking at some stamps for my invitations and a veil on etsy! :) love all these wedding shares

    ladies in navy

  5. All these things are so beautiful! I am loving the flower crowns lately. I just may have to stop over at Etsy... I had tried for such a long to find cute hangers for my wedding but they were all so expensive. Wish I had come across these 8 months ago!

  6. i love those flower crowns!! gorgeous, gorgeous wedding! thanks for sharing it with us!



  7. You chose such lovely things! I bought Mr. and Mrs. forks from Etsy for the cake for our wedding a few years ago.

  8. Love that sentiment for your bridesmaids. Cute! - J

  9. Your little flower girls are so adorable!


  10. omg, how beautiful the Etsy details were!! xxo

  11. OMG! OMG! I am obsessed with the pug bow ties! Ha ha! Too freaking cute! xoxo


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