Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lash Extensions: 10 FAQs

Here&Now: eyelash extensions frequently asked questions

I have gushed about my eyelash extensions before, but even after 3 months of having them, it is true LOVE (makes me think of Princess Bride every time!)! Considering getting extensions for yourself but still not quite sure, read on & let me know if you have any additional questions in the comments :)

1. Will people think I'm a diva for getting eyelash extensions?

Honestly, no. This isn't any different than getting a manicure or blow out. Treat yo' self!

2. Will they feel weird?

At first, the extra weight will feel like you are wearing fake lashes. After the first week, your eyes adjust to the new lashes, & it becomes a new normal.

3. How will my daily routine be negatively affected?

You can't rub your eyes - yup, not even in the shower. And sometimes you can feel the wind blowing through them - this happens to me mostly when I blast the AC in my car.

4. How will my daily routine be improved?

You don't have to wear any eye makeup (I haven't worn eye makeup in 2 months). This also means that you don't have to take off any eye makeup (the worst part about washing your face in my opinion!). Overall, because my lashes look so fabulous, I have been wearing much less makeup as part of my daily routine, & I think this is helping to clear up my skin. The husband even commented the other day that my skin was looking more glow-y than usual - totally out of his typical line of compliments (which include, "you look…uh, pretty…?")

5. How long do they last?

The extensions are glued on to your actual lashes, so they last as long as your normal lashes would, & fall out when you lashes naturally do. Some people have longer/shorter hair growth cycles, but most people will need to get re-fills every 3-4 weeks (I go 4 in-between appointments). 

6. Are they really that great?

Yes, yes & YES! My friends who have also gotten them (because I won't SHUT UP about them) agree!

7. Lash extensions look good on other people, but are they for me?

YASSS girl! If you get a good lash lady she can help you find the right length that will look best for you. I call my length "accentuated natural" - as in, they look like they could actually be my real lashes, but better. My super blonde friend just got hers done, and they look completely natural on her too. This is for everyone!

8. Is it worth it?

Without a doubt. This is my new personal splurge. It is the same as getting gel mani/pedi treatments every month & you will be saving on mascara/eye makeup too!

9. What will people say after I get them?

I have had male co-workers, young children, teenagers in the grocery store & all my friends/family compliment me on my lashes. Not in an "OMG your lashes look CRAZY" way, but more of a "something is slightly different about your face and I really like it way". They truly do frame your face in a perfect way - people will notice!

10. Ok, you've convinced me. So how do I find the right person to do them!

Well, if you are in Nashville, call my lovely lash lady! Shala is the bomb & her prices are super reasonable. Read about her services & schedule an appointment here, & if you have questions, reach her via email

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