Thursday, September 10, 2015

Summer Beauty Saves

Summer calls for a different beauty routine - from battling the humidity induced sweat fest, to figuring out how to protect your skin/hair/clothes while frolicking in the Summer sun - & as such there are usually a bunch of warm weather tailored products in my bathroom cabinet that only get to be enjoyed May to September. However, this Summer I found some products that will be staying in the line-up even after Summer leaves us. If you too deal with dry skin, frizzy hair, & the curse that is body breakouts, read on, I've got answers!

1. St. Ives "Smooth & Glow" spray lotion // As it turns out, spray lotion is the best! I love how easy it is to apply right after showering, & the apricot smell is light and pleasant!

2. Living Proof "humidity shield" // I have no idea what is in this can, but I can only assume that it is pure magic. The product is 100% weightless, and forms an invisible barrier between your hair and the elements. It is even Nashville humidity tested & passed with flying colors!

3. Murad "acne body wash" // This is just like regular body wash, but better. I love the light scrubby things in it, & it leaves a gentle tingly feeling after you use it. My trouble spots? My chest & back, but this wash clears it right up, without drying out my skin, even if I use it every day.

4. Pinrose "petal pack" // This is a set of transportable perfume "petals" AKA individually wrapped packets of perfume infused towelettes. They are super easy to stow away in your pocket for using after a pool party, workout, or outdoor concert.

5. Murad "cleaning toilettes" // These are my traveling saviors. Toting around face wash is not easy, but with these bad boys, I actually prefer using them to liquid wash my face. One quick use to wash the day away!

What beauty products have been your saviors this Summer season? Any staying in your rotation even into Fall?

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