Monday, February 1, 2016


sweater: Nordstrom v-neck tunic sweater (comes in 11 gorgeous colors, but I'm pretty partial to my mushroom choice!)

jeans: Old Navy rockstar skinny jeans (LOVE the super high rise + dark rinse!)

watch: Michael Kors

After 6 years of living happily in Nashville, my husband & I are talking about where we want to live next. This chapter of our lives is so exciting (we can live anywhere, do anything!) & also super scary (how am I going to find a new job, how can I leave my dear friends, ... but Nashville is where we met, fell in love, got married).

I truly am a creature of habit - once I find something that works for me, I prefer to stick with it! After graduating from college I moved to Nashville knowing only 1 person (who I proceed to break up with soon after - whoops!), & then made it my job to cultivate a life here, dedicated to finding friends, good coffee shops & my spots around town. During all 6 of my years living here I have made a list of all the new experiences I wanted to complete in Music City & even after 6 years my list continues to be longer than I can ever accomplish! So now that I have put so much work into this place, I am fearful about having to do it again, especially now that I am no longer a student, but supposedly a fully formed adult (still questionable on that front).

Because I am simultaneously a ball of excitement & nerves about what the future holds, I am making my word for 2016 "CHANGE". I want to embrace the unknown & throw myself into living for now with out fear for what comes next. To remind my self of this intention, I am wearing my word around my neck, thanks to The Giving Keys.

The Giving Keys is a great organization that not only employs individuals transitioning out of homelessness, but they encourage you to wear your word, and then give it away when you no longer need it, or find someone who needs it more. It is my dream that I will be able to make the most of this season of CHANGE and give my key away in our next city... wherever that might be! 

If you want to find out more about The Giving Keys check out this page & my exact key necklace can be found here (they also have 13 of their core words or you can get a key custom stamped with your word like I did). 

In my weekend reading post (full post here), I mentioned that I am on the hunt for a legit pair of snow boots, because while my Hunter's keep my feet nice & dry, they aren't exactly the warmest pair of footwear. 

I can't knock the Hunter's too much though, because I trudged everywhere in my Hunter's during our last bout of Winter weather here in Nashville. While I mostly think of my Hunter's as being more about function than looks, I cannot get over how adorable they are with these bows from Poppy Clips! They have so many styles to add a twist to your rainy day style!

Loving these boot bows? Head over to Poppy Clips to get a promo code to purchase your own. 

I also get a lot of questions about how I keep my Hunter's looking new & shiny. Because these boots are made of out a thick plastic, when the plastic gets dried out, it gives a chalky appearance that frustrates many Hunter boot owners. I found this plastic rejuvenation spray that I apply to my Hunter's whenever I start to see the white chalky spots (meaning that the plastic is getting dried out). I think this is a great product, & definitely believe that it helped my last pair of Hunter's last so long (almost 10 years, & then I cracked the sole of one shoe). Shop the boot spray on Amazon

Shop exact items from this outfit:
This sweater is pure perfection & available in lots of colors!

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