Friday, February 19, 2016

mix, match, repeat

sweater: J.Crew Factory university sweater (now on super sale)

tank: J.Crew Factory tank (one of my favorite layering pieces)

shoes: ShoeMint blue suede pumps (also found similar blue heels at Sole Society: 1 // 2 // 3)

It's been a month since I posted my last #teacherstyle post & I didn't want you to think that I haven't been wearing anything to work, more like I have been wearing the exact same thing to work every. single. day.

These are the dark days of teaching - like literally it is dark when I wake up & dark when I get off - & my motivation to look cute at 5:30 am has really been lacking!

I got both this skirt & sweater from my parents for Christmas (thanks guys!) & it is a cuter version of my recent uniform rut. Most days I pull a sweater, skirt, black tights & my Dansko clogs out from the closet (in the dark, while my husband & pups slumber... no bitterness... okay maybe a little bitterness for my little sleeping beauties!), hope that they mix & repeat the same process 5 times a week.

My thoughts on the recent work style rut:
1. I could never live in a place that has longer Winters because I don't know how anyone wears tights for more than 60 days straight!

2. I really need to figure out my whole work pants situation - I have been saying that for YEARS, & every couple of months, I order a pair, but none have ever worked out. I really just need to dedicate myself to the task & figure. it. out! I was recently looking for Spring pants & ordered this pair of denim trousers from J.Crew Factory - they were ca-razy long & weird in the crotch on me. This pair of linen trousers look so cute on the model but were a wrinkled disaster the moment I moved in them. Le sad.

3. I don't care what anyone says, some days my Dansko clogs are the only thing on the planet that understand me. Pretty? Eh, not so much, but I don't think the 12 year olds notice! (Disclaimer: these heels were worn only for photogenic reasons, there were too cute with the rest of the outfit & I couldn't help myself! Thank you for allowing my indulgence.)


Anyone else in a work style rut?

Any answers to the age old question - why do work pants have to be the most unforgiving article of clothing EVER?!?!?

Shop my favorite sweater + pencil skirt combos below:

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