Monday, February 8, 2016

cozy casual

jeans: ripped white jeans c/o DL 1961 denim (shop the non-ripped version here)

2 of the major factors that govern what I bring into my closet are where I live & the size of my closet.

Because we are lucky here in Nashville to have relatively mild Winters, paired with the fact that I have limited closet space in my 700 square foot apartment, the majority of my closet space is dedicated to the pieces that I can wear all year long. In fact, year long wearability is one of the biggest factors I have been considering when purchasing new items recently - especially when we are considering moving to the Pacific Northwest in the next year, which also experiences fairly mild year-round temperatures.

What I like about this outfit is that I can wear 80% of these pieces in any season & just by switching out the sweater for a lighter option top, this look instantly goes from Winter to Spring (just around the corner y'all!) 

I already wore these jeans + shoes + sunglasses (& the purse would have totally matched too!) in Fall (see the outfit here), so now I am dedicated to making this outfit work for every season. What can I say, I like a good wardrobe challenge!

This is one of the 20 murals I posted in my Nashville mural guide - check it out here.

Do you like to rock your clothes all year long or do you prefer switching over your wardrobe for each season?

This sweater is super cozy (loving the side splits!) & now on sale!
Shop the rest of my outfit below:

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