Wednesday, February 10, 2016

bohemian love story

Say hello to my Valentine's Day dress! Tyler & I decided that our Valentine's Day tradition would be getting all dolled up, then trying out a new dive bar for dinner. We unofficially started the tradition last year when we celebrated V-day at the (at the time) newly re-opened Dino's Bar on Nashville's East Side. This year's contenders for our celebrations are Foo Bar, The Crying Wolf, & The Basement East (I heard they just released a new menu that sounded yummy!). Nashvillians - what is your favorite dive bar? Everyone else - how do you celebrate V-day?

Tyler & I typically exchange small gifts & this year I'm drooling over this adorable donut trinket plate & have my fingers crossed that I get some of the 100 layer donuts from Five Daughters Bakery - as I type this, I'm starting to think I might have a donut problem! 

But seriously - I had my first Five Daughter's 100 layer donut just yesterday & it was the best donut I have ever had. Even my husband who is not really a sweets guy was raving about it, going on & on about how it has the perfect balance of fluffy + flavorful layers of goodness!

I cannot stop looking at this beauty of a dress - Free People certainly does lace right! I wanted to let the dress be the star of the show today, so I skipped the accessories, but next time, I think a big boho necklace (like this one!) would make quite the statement! Or throw on a more colorful wrap (like this one!) to give it a classic touch.

Shop this dress + several other lace stunners below:

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