Thursday, September 5, 2013

2013 year budget: August

For 2013 I am budgeting my clothing allowance based on the entire year. Sound crazy? Read more about it {here}

August is such a fun month: my birthday, back to school shopping, a transition of seasons.
I was very blessed this month to have received so many wonderful presents from my family & friends. Tyler hit it out of the park with these Kate Spade earrings (my day job is researching frogs), my parents gifted me this camera bag & I used cash presents to purchase this purse I have been drooling over for months!
I also picked up some really special wardrobe staples with some of my yearly clothing allowance. I have already worn my stripe skirt with the ShoeMint pumps & can't wait to rock my new classic Converse sneakers!
J.Crew Factorypom pom dot sweater ($47.70) // stripe peplum top ($24.80) // stripe skirt ($38.00)
Converse sneakers (outlet store, $33.99) // Tory Burch resin cuff ($40.00) // ShoeMint Bess pumps ($79.98) 

Birthday presents:

(I loved all of these pieces, but when I got them home realized that they weren't as versatile with my existing items as I had expected, and their price points didn't warrant keeping them around)

Amount spent in August = $264.15

So how is my year budget of $3,000 panning out?
- January  $149.94
- February $241.71
- March $245.50
- April $187.37
- May $222.71
- June $405.46
- July $89.98
- August $264.15
Remaining = $1,188.52
(leaving ~$300/month for the remaining 4 months)

As you requested in last month's budget round-up, I am disclosing my gifted items from August. I know that this can come off as a humble-brag or be a huge turn-off, but it is my hope that I can approach this topic in a positive way. These are all pieces that I love, ones that I was fortunate enough to select myself, & things that I can't wait to show you in my wardrobe outfits multiple ways!
(even bloggers that I consider to be "top of the line" struggle with this side of blogging, read another blogger's perspective here.)


How did your shopping budget hold up in August?


  1. Oh, you got so many goodies in August–those frogs are really too cute!

  2. SO many goodies! Love that striped skirt!!!

  3. Ohhhh August was a good month for your closet! Love them all!

  4. You picked up so many wonderful things this month Jessica! I love that gorgeous Rebecca Minkoff.

    Chelsea & The City

  5. so annoyed that I couldn't get that J.crew sweater. There was ONE left in my size but it was damaged:(

  6. looks like you got some great stuff this month! xo


  7. That cuff???? Love it!


  8. I actually didn't spend a single penny on clothes in August. But now I'm going a bit crazy and want to shop EVERYDAY! Uh oh...

    Exploring My Style

  9. So many adorable goodies!! I love your Rebecca Minkoff bag! AND, I'm so glad you posted about those Old Navy booties... I've been looking for a black pair of suede booties and love these (and the price tag)!

  10. August was good to you, my friend! I want so many things you got- jealous!! And I LOVE to see what other fashion bloggers have gifted. I love the humble brag, honestly! It's interesting to compare who gets what in fashion blogland :)

  11. Bummer! J.Crew Factory is notorious for bringing things back ... so it might be a worthy stalking target :)

  12. If it weren't for my birthday I probably would have been able to forgo shopping in August, but September is when I love to hit up the sales! Happy shopping dear!

  13. haha, thanks for not being annoyed by my "humblebrag"... disclosure of gifted items is just one of the behind the blog things that I wish everyone was more transparent about :)


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