Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Shopping: Love21

We all know about Forever21... trendy, cheap, the last place any man on the planet wants to find himself on a Satruday. But have you checked out the Love21 "contemporary" collection? Didn't know there was a difference? Love21 is the section of the store/website designed for a slightly older crowd. They claim that Love21 items run a half size larger than regular Forever21 pieces, but I just like to call that "regular fit" for people that are 16+ & have thighs. I just recently picked up a few pieces & I've got to say, the construction & fit didn't disappoint!

Looking to add some affordable trendy items to you closet for Fall, here are my top 9 picks!
1 chevron skirt // 2 moto jacket // 3 plaid top
4 faux fur vest // 5 stripe skirt // 6 faux leather vest
7 stripe dress // 8 plaid sweatshirt // 9 boho dress


  1. I've always gravitated more towards Love21. I think the quality is better.


  2. Oh such great clothes! I love Love21!

    Romwe leggings giveaway on my blog!

  3. I love the Love21 line from Forever21! I feel the same way about the fit.

  4. And you know I was thinking about you the whole time I was writing it, right!?


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