Thursday, September 26, 2013

work it out

When the Revolt Fitness team invited me to try out a month for free, I really thought I would try it, hate it, & come back here with a, "meh, it was ok, but not for me"... One of those it's not you, it's me things.

Boy was I wrong!

I have been open about my aversion to working out before, but have also started to realized that all those warnings my mother gave me about le metabolism slowing down the closer I get to 30 are unfortunately totally, completely (freaking) true! #bummer
Because talking about working out is way more fun with paired with cute pictures of pups!

Since Ty & I have both appeared to have gained the "engagement 15" & I would like to start my marriage in way better shape than I am now, I am proud to say that I went into this new fitness program with a positive attitude & for once didn't immediately fall off the wagon!

I love sharing things with you guys that I love & work for me, from beauty products, my latest clothing purchases or even a new work-out routine. I was truly surprised by how much this fitness plan worked for my lifestyle, from the low price of $4.16 a month to the results that I have already seen in 3 weeks, that I had to dish it with you!
Did you eat the last cookie?

So what is it? Revolt Fitness is an at home, video led workout program with accompanying meal plans (& optional supplements, that I didn't partake in). I started a 4 week "booty challenge" & was excited to tone up my thighs & glutes (aka da boo-tay!)

The Pros:
- little time commitment: I can change into my workout clothes, fire up the video, warm up, work out, cool down & shower in an hour's time. That's what I'm talking about!

- the comfort of your own home: I have zero clue how to work a single machine at the gym, so  being able to use free weights at my house & still see results is key for my workout happiness!

- Cheap! No expensive equipment needed, or gym memberships required. The plans start at $10 a month, but if you sign up for a full year, it is only $50 (or $4.16/month). Shut the front door!

- yummy meals: This is a complete program, or what they call "turn key", including a full meal plan. The breakfasts, snacks, shakes, & dinners are all delish, things that will be on my recipe short-list moving forward. 

- cheat day: no matter how yummy health food can be, if you can't indulge in a little fat & sugar from time to time, you are going to eventually binge. This program provides 6 days of healthy food & then a 7th day of cheating! All day, whatever you want. I can do anything for 6 days if there is a burger & bowl of ice cream waiting on the other side!

- Nicole Huntsman is YOUR trainer, & she rocks! The founder & creator of Revolt performs all the workouts with you in the videos, she has a banging body & is totally supportive & understanding! (sign up & you can interact with her on the private Facebook page too!)
No judgement here!
The Cons:
- a little repetitive: You eat the same things & perform the same workouts for a week at a time. I love sweet potatoes, but after 6 days of sweet potatoes & squats they become the last things on my like list. Moving forward I think I am going to mix up the recipes a little bit, intertwine the different recipes over several weeks.

- slow & steady (it's a lifestyle not a crash diet): You do the plan, you see results. But you don't just drop 20 lbs overnight. This is a lifestyle plan to get the body you want, & keep it that way.
Let's go for a walk!
So like I've said, I have been doing this plan for 3 weeks. Before starting I undertook the daunting task of measuring my body fat % & size (thighs, waist, arms, lbs, everything). These are personal numbers that I don't want to share, but let's just say that they are going down. Things feel tighter, my jeans are definitely fitting better & le fiancĂ© noticed too! (the first time I dyed my hair he had zero clue... so that's saying something!)
Couch pug-tato! 
Have you ever tried an online/video workout plan? 
Any tips for staying with it for the long haul?

*I was gifted 1 free month of Revolt Fitness ($4.16 value), but all opinions are my own!


  1. I want a puppy so bad and even though this post wasn't about them, it really made me want one even more. Darn you!

  2. I've tried Jillian Michaels & Blogilates! I really like both, just depends on what you are looking for. Blogilates has more variety but takes more time. I think JM has a proven system!

    Simply Sabrina

  3. I was invited to do Revolt last spring. I didn't do the meal plans since I eat vegan, but the workouts were great. I lost weight doing it, and it is not very time consuming. After 6 weeks of doing it and posting about it- I missed my other types of exercise so I stopped. I often rotate a revolt work out it, but I don't like doing the same thing over and over again.

  4. Omg I love these pictures! Especially the pugs! I know what you mean with working out. It's so hard to do so but I do it because you always feel so great after! x

  5. Wow! That is really affordable! No excuses now for not getting fit right? I do p90x from time to time. This program sounds really cool though and I would definitely try it out!

  6. Puppies totally help with workouts posts, maybe that is what I need to add to mine to get more readers! HAHA! But it sounds like you are making progress, so stick with it! Maybe take notes on the meal plans and mix them up a little yourself. Be sure to have protein and clean carbs at each meal, and a little fat each day. So if she has you eating chicken and rice for 6 days, maybe mix in that sweet potato instead of rice on Wednesday to break it up? Just a thought! But slow and steady is the way to do it!!



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