Thursday, March 20, 2014

boho baby

{ What I Wore: Le Tote tank* // jacket ℅ Chicnova // H&M felt hat // purse ℅ Yes Walker (love this splurge worthy one!) // CoH flare leg jeans  (similar) // ShoeMint leopard heels }
I received a free subscription to Le Tote, it is a brand that I truly believe in & love supporting. Check them out!!

all photos | Zipporah Photography
My fiancé is from the great Northwestern part of the United States (Oregon) & always makes fun of me for pulling out my umbrella, even in the slightest drizzle. Apparently people of the NW don't use umbrellas (WHAT!?), but I also don't think that they experience anything close to the drenching thunderstorms of Tennessee (or Arkansas, where I'm from originally).

So, in an attempt to acclimate myself to the norms of a place I may call home in the future, I've been forgoing my trusty umbrella in instances of light rain… & let me just say, I don't know how you NorthWestern women do it! Is there some secret hair spray that you use? Because my hair goes from manageable to Medusa in 0.1 seconds of rain exposure. 
While I've been ditching my umbrella, I have been enjoying my floppy hat instead during the past few weeks of Winter-Spring-confused-weather-drizzles… if I am going to be getting rained on, I best be doing it fashionably!
So, are you a dedicated umbrella user? Or more of a duck & runner in the rain?

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  1. I love this look on you! What a pretty hat and orange shirt

    X Sara

  2. You look amazing! Love the long layer. I totally want to try this.

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

  3. i use an umbrella now in the northwest because HELLO PEOPLE this hair doesn't look this good when wet. i have been in the nw for six years and spent 5.5 of them shunning the umbrella. it's over now.

    ladies in navy

  4. I use an umbrella here and there. You look Stunning

  5. I'm loving this look! The pop of orange in this outfit is beautiful!


  6. This is really cute! Loving the boho look.

    I TRY to be an umbrella user but I usually end up ducking and running, haha

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  7. lovely outfit!
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  8. I love those dark wash flares! I feel like we don't see enough flared jeans these days...

  9. UM....That HAT! I totally want it now!

  10. I am obsessed with this look so so SO cute!


    The Other Side of Gray

  11. Love this boho glam look smokin'!!! Floppy hats LOVE you!! Good luck with the drizzle...wish I had some hair never rains here!! LOL!

  12. love these jeans! what a great shape!


  13. Ok how cute are you! Your outfit and these photos are gorgeous!


    Ashley | Raspberry Glow

  14. I love that hat! I pull out my umbrella with the slightest drizzle; I hate the rain!

  15. loving this look!!! I'm a rain jacket person usually. I carry too many bags to also hold an umbrella most times.

    xo, Nina


  16. I'm in love with those jeans! You look like you have legs for days and that's something I'd like to accomplish! Great outfit.


  17. If I could wear a hat everyday, I would be perfectly happy! I can't believe they don't use umbrellas though, I would look like a wet dog!


  18. Love that orange! The hat looks amazing!


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