Friday, June 6, 2014

Wedding Week: Tyler + Jessica

Well, this has been a long & crazy week, so I decided to start the wedding reveal festivities early!

Hiring a videographer was a decision we waffled over for months! It was on the expensive side, we already had an amazing photographer lined up, did we really need a wedding video? I started casually looking around the internets for local videographers & stumbled upon John Hillin's beautiful work. After watching perfect strangers' wedding videos with tears streaming down my face, I knew we had to work with John. (Funny story, Tyler walked into the room when I was watching wedding videos on my laptop & thought that something was horribly wrong… what can I say, I'm an ugly crier!)

Fast forward to the big day, & John was a total rockstar. We had a ball hanging out, and I am blown away by the footage he captured. I literally don't know when he captured some of the little details… sneaky sneaky! I thought the wedding video trailer would be a good place to start with the "wedding week" coverage, so you can see the big picture of our wedding, and then next week I will focus on some more of the details. (If you have any wedding planning questions, let me know & I will try to cover them!)

So without further adieu, our video. You can click and watch below, or check it out on John's website (spoiler: if you head over there you will get sucked in watching touching videos of other people get married, and will probably cry... you've been warned)
Jessica + Tyler // Wedding Trailer from John Hillin Videography on Vimeo.

*for clarification, Tyler & I did a "first look" before the actual ceremony and read our personal vows to each other then. This was a very sweet & emotional time, and I'm so thankful that we got this time to just the two of us (+ 2 photographers & 1 videographer…but just the 5 of us doesn't sound as catchy!)

And, because it's Friday & we all could use a little extra reason to celebrate, I have a wedding related giveaway!

Last year I got to not only participate in a bachelorette themed shoot for The Not Wedding, I also attended their big fat fake wedding when the awesomeness rolled into Nashville. This is not your mother's wedding vendor fair. The Not Wedding is local vendors throwing a "wedding", the only exception, no one is actually getting married. 

But you can see the vendors in action, soak up inspiration & enjoy champagne + wedding cake! I definitely LOVED the rustic/industrial look their used in the Nashville Not Wedding last year & directly incorporated it into our big day.

If you are a local bride-to-be, or have a friend who is, The Not Wedding is giving away 2 pairs of tickets to the 2nd Nashville Not Wedding, July 18th. I will be there & would love to hang out with you too!

Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. Two winners will be chosen at random to receive 2 tickets each. The Not Wedding will be contacting the winners directly.
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  1. Congrats again. You were a stunning bride. I love that you share your wedding video with us. You had a beautiful wedding.

  2. I am so on the fence about a videographer too, but of course this one is gorgeous and totally made me cry. Time to do some more research :)

  3. Aw, the video came out so well! Love the incorporation of your dogs!

  4. What a gorgeous video! You looked so beautiful!

  5. Jessica, that was so gorgeous–I was just watching the whole time with a big cheesy smile on my face the whole time. So special!


  7. Oh my gosh, what a beautiful video! And that hashtag for Instagram was darling. Now that I've stopped crying at my desk (no joke, I have a very damp tissue next to me), I have a quick question: Regarding the music, did you have to find copyright-free songs for the video? My videographer (who admittedly is a newbie, which is why we got a great deal on his services) is concerned that using copyrighted/mainstream songs in our video will present a challenge when it comes to posting it online. Did your guy address this with you at all? Any advice?

  8. this video is absolutely incredible! the day looks amazing and you look so beautiful!



  9. SO MANY PRETTIES. That was the best wedding video ever! Also Doug looked so handsome in his bow-tie! Can't wait for the rest of wedding week :)
    xo Shay

  10. Congrats! Love the video!
    I won the tickets you gave away last time for the Not Wedding and took my best friend. Little did we know then that she'd be getting married soon! Her date is set for November :D

  11. That video really is darling! You wedding looked so gorgeous and you both looks so happy! Plus, I love love love the lanterns at the end!

  12. OMGahhhh that is such a beautiful video! Everything I've read so far about wedding plans says that you must get a videographer, and I think this may have just sealed the deal for me!

    Also I have to say that your wedding looked perfect, you were completely stunning, I'm in love with your dress, yadda yadda please plan my wedding? ;)

    I'm super pumped for wedding week and can't wait to see what else you have in store!

  13. What a gorgeous video! You looked perfect. We still are undecided about a videographer, but I think we will end up with one! The dogs were awesome!


  14. This makes me want to find a local videographer who does this style, even for our tiny (25 guests) wedding! It's SO awesome. Also... I would LOVE to have a flower crown like yours. Where did you get it?

  15. Yup, ugly crying right here! Beautiful video, thank you so much for sharing!! You look simply stunning and so incredibly happy. :-)


  16. John was the most fun and such a good sport with all of our craziness. And, um, could that video be more gorgeous?

  17. and now i'm crying at a "stranger's" video. you were gorgeous! (and are, obviously). you guys look so happy together.

    I need to go get married. and steal that dress because it's perfect.

  18. John Hillin and I went to school together! I went over to the website and recognized many faces from my Lipscomb days. he did great work and captured your day so well! I loved getting to see the "first look", what a beautiful moment. there is something really cool about a wedding video. photos are great, and timeless, but a video just captures a whole other element. I would love to have one at my wedding one day!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  19. Jessica, I only "know" you through this blogging world but I was totally crying during this video! Your blog is one of the first I started following so having "known" you for over a year, it was so sweet to watch this video and watch you and the love of your life on this special day. Thank you so much for sharing it!! If you decide to post the entire wedding video, I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one to watch it!

  20. Oh my gosh this video came out so well- it made me tear up a bit! :) Congrats again

  21. OMG - I'm sat in my garden with tears in my eyes...what an AMAZING video Jessica. It just brings the wedding alive in a way that photos can't. Well worth the investment and what a talented guy John is. Your special day looked just incredible...congratulations to you both. Off to re-apply my mascara now :) xx

  22. This is amazing!! You are a gorgeous bride! Congratulations pretty lady!

  23. I am so behind on your blog and have spent about the last hour scrolling through posts...and this one...oh my word....I cried like a baby at the video. I even had my girls watch it. You did such a glorious job on the planning and all the details. The lanterns were the icing on the cake!! And you had THE JOHN HILLIN film it!! Wow!! I am so happy for you guys. Much love from Texas, my pretty kitty!! xoxo


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