Thursday, July 24, 2014

Conscious Consumerism: International Princess Project

Brands practicing conscious consumerism is something very close to my heart. It is one thing to make a eye-catching, quality product, it is something quite different to do so, & support your local or global community though it as well. I love that socially just companies are becoming more prevalent & am excited to have added another one to my radar - International Princess Project(Check out all of the Conscious Consumerism posts too!)
The International Princess Project is using beautiful products to help solve a very ugly reality in the world - human sex trafficking & slavery. They estimate that in India alone, this could sadly be the reality for more than 3 million women & girls.

The International Princess Project partners with indigenous organizations to create pathways to freedom. Women learn a new trade (sewing these gorgeous sleep pants!) & receives an above fair trade wage for her craft. The company returns all profits to ensuring that more women & girls can escape their lives of slavery & have the chance of a fresh start.
Read more about their inspiring story & shop their gorgeous collection of quality sleepwear, Punjammies

I love following this brand on social media, because they effortlessly remix the gorgeous pants for beachwear, and out & about!
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  1. love those pants, cutest sleepwear ever!
    and of course the amazing story behind the product is even better!

  2. Wow, these are the prettiest pajamas ever! I'm definitely going to purchase a pair of these, they're gorgeous! Also love that they're made for a cause!


  3. I love your pants, they're gorgeous! And such a good cause too!

  4. This is one of my favorite columns on your blog! Who knew pajama pants could be so pretty?!

    26 and Not Counting

  5. Thank you so much for the support! And,. for helping spread the message of hope and freedom for these women!!

  6. i wrote about them too! They have such a wonderful mission. :-)


  7. Adorable pants and such a great cause!


  8. Cute, like the Indian feel to it. Love seeing so many companies do something good - and love that you take a stand and use your blog to speak out and reach out. :)


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