Thursday, July 17, 2014

Teacher Style: Summer Inspiration

I am now a teacher. I used to be a graduate student. The landscape of my wardrobe has changed. While I am still figuring out what a "teacher wardrobe" looks like, I'm am definitely drawing on previous outfits that I enjoyed to guide my new style… these are the ones inspiring my Summer to Fall teacher outfits:
Cardigans are my friend. Full outfit post {here}.
Pencil skirts in every color are a good idea. Full outfit post {here}. 
Remixing is key! Full outfit post {here}. 
Keeping a color story in mind is helpful. Full outfit post {here}. 
All about the accessories. Full outfit pose {here}. 
My favorite print - polka dots! Full outfit post {here}. 
Making pants work for me. Full outfit post {here}.
Dresses + blazers! Full outfit post {here}. 
Black pants are a stylish base for a multitude of looks. Full outfit post {here}. 
Color is just fun! Full outfit post {here}.  
Taking weekend/casual wear to teacher town with a blazer. Full outfit post {here}. 
Chambray is a life saver. Full outfit post {here}. 
Unexpected but monochromatic pattern mixes. Full outfit post {here}.
Upgraded basics. Full outfit post {here}. 
Scarves are a quick way to up the style ante! Full outfit post {here}. 
Dresses are easy outfits to throw on in the early morning! Full outfit post {here}.

How has your style evolved recently?
Do you draw inspiration from past outfits that both worked and failed?


  1. My roommate is a teacher, and she dresses so adorable for work! Your "teacher" style reminds me a lot of hers!

  2. So many great outfits! Some of them I remember but some of them I think I missed the first time around! Enjoy your back to school shopping :)

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

  3. I completely agree, these are all fantastic teaching outfits. I turn to a lot of these style ideas regularly.

  4. So much goodness in one post! I love all of the polka dots :)

    26 and Not Counting

  5. You are the best dressed teacher ever!


  6. i am loving all of these cute styles! being a teacher and having some great freedom and fun with your outfits must be awesome. office style is so much more restrictive. blech

    ladies in navy

  7. Wow, I LOVE your entire wardrobe! The way you mix bright colors and patterns is perfection. :)

  8. the second look is my fave!



  9. love every single outfit featured here- and I agree, obsessed with polka dots! I went from being a grad student to a fashion buyer, then a lawyer so I understand the shifting wardrobe needs! all of the above are great for any career!


    Christina, esq.


  10. None of my teachers ever dressed this cute. Love your style girl! I wish I got this dressed up for work! Currently wearing a camo tee and skinny jeans.... Fashion Blogger FAIL!

    xo Jessica

  11. So much outfit inspiration here! I love it!

  12. Okay seriously you have the best teacher (and, well, general) style around. If I were your student, I would be completely obsessed with coming to your class just to see what you're wearing everyday! Oh, and learning from you, too, of course.


  13. OMG all of these outfit is the best !!! Awesome styling, you look hot nad i love tour Beautiful very nice pics !

  14. WOW - you are such an inspiration! I adore all these looks.


  15. Aw, thanks lady! Definitely having fun with the new style challenges that come along with the new job!

  16. Thanks lady! I love rocking patterns and color to keep things fun!

  17. I hear you about the flats - my high arches actually really enjoy heels, but I am trying to find the perfect mix of shoes styles to keep my feet happy & stylish.

  18. haha - science with a side of style :)

  19. All excellent teacher looks (and outfits I would totally wear to work too!)


  20. best part of blogging: your own personal lookbook of all your former outfits! seems like you have endless teacher inspiration here.

    I'd say recently my style has evolved like yours, since starting a new job. my office is very casual, but I still like to try and dress up some (but not be over-dressed.) it's a fine balance.

    p.s. my styling session was yesterday! I had such a blast with Shell B! can't wait to blog my new outfits :)

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  21. I LOVEEEE the light blue pattern skirt with the light blue and green cardigan. ADORABLE!

  22. I love your teacher style. It's always fun to see a teacher wear color. Many teachers don't. Colors make me happy, If I was in your class I would be so happy to go to class to see what new outfit you have on. Color makes people happy. So keep up the colors, love them. And good luck on your journey towards your new style evolution.


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