Monday, February 13, 2012

lacy details

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have caught onto my exasperation at dressing for date night in sub arctic temps (ok - anything less than 30 ˚F is all FREEZING to me!). Seriously, why don't "sexy" and "warm" go together better?! 
Blazer UO (old) {similar, for cheap!}
Jason Wu for Target lace detail tee
Citizen for Humanity high-waisted, flare jeans {similar}
Neon Belt Target {similar}
Shoes - Nine West {exact pair}
I made up my mind that covered up can be cute too, and decided to "cute-ify" some flare jeans with my new Jason Wu for Target tee. Adding my favorite blazer and scarf keeps me warm... and the boyfriend approves, so it's all good!
If I could just carry this fur ball around all night I would definitely be warm!
A pop of neon will do ya!
Favorite way to tie a scarf
Stay warm and cute


  1. Cute - love the flare jeans!

    xo Jennifer


  2. I love the color of this scarf... and I agree... I hate trying to look cute when its freezing out.  Hope you had fun on date night :)


  3. you are going to be shocked by how easy it is - literally one tuck and voila! I will attempt a "tutorial" but it will just be like 10 seconds of me! haha xx

  4. haha, you are too funny!
    Many of our "date nights" turn out to be a Redbox Movie + Pizza on the couch, and my sweatpants are definitely the outfit of choice! xx

  5. WHAT? sweatpants and scarves and layers aren't sexy on date night?? Why did no one ever tell me this?? 

  6. Tutorial on the scarf tying, please! xxoo

  7. How do you tie your scarf like that?! Mine never looks that good. Tutorial?

  8. I hate trying to look cute when it's freezing out! All I want to do is wear my snuggie :) But you did a great job adjusting your outfit to the cold. Love your pink scarf and neon belt!

    The Tiny Heart


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