Monday, April 30, 2012


Why are these jeans even called "boyfriend" jeans? I did not steal them from my boyfriend, nor does my boyfriend even understand their premise... boys!?
Still not sure where "outfit pictures" will take place in my new townhouse... no backyard!?
Paired with this faux peplum top and an oversized blazer, this is an outfit that I put on to impress my boyfriend on date night, but one that leaves him perplexed.
 Oh well, good thing he think I'm cute no matter what I put on!
{ Urban Outfitters White Blazer (similar, affordable option) // Think Tank peplum blouse (similar) // Citizens of Humanity Boyfriend jeans // Nine West Wedges (similar, for a steal!) }
What are your favorite clothing items that leave the men in your life confused?

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P.S. is anyone else surprised that this new song, "Boyfriend", came from the Beiber!? I am only a tiny bit ashamed to admit that I am obsessed!


  1. Too funny! I have wondered that, too. My husband wouldn't be caught dead in those. His least favorite thing I wear would probably be a top knot... and the occasional pattern mix... We have worked hard on him understanding what matches/doesn't match and that throws everything he's learned out the window! 

    You look great! LOVE the shirt with the blazer... such a great way to dress it up a bit!
    Love keeping up with ya! :) 

    It's an Easy Life

  2. I have no idea why your boyfriend was perplexed...I think you've got teh perfect pairing here!  The jeans look amazing on you, you've got the perfect contrast with the feminine top, and it's so flattering!  Way to style up those jeans and look great...no matter what he said ;)

    Following your blog...can't wait to see more!

    <3 Cambriajupefashion.blogspot.com

  3. LOVE this look! That blouse is gorgeous, and goes perfectly with the boyfriend jeans and heels. And the boyfriend jeans are totally lost on ALL boys for some reason :)

    The Other Side of Gray 

  4. Semi-sheer tops! My boyfriend freaks out at the hint of anything see-through and ensures I'm wearing something under it before leaving the house haha! Guess I should be thanking him. Boys huh ;)

  5. I have failed again and again to understand why they're called boyfriend jeans too- lol! 
    But they are awesome whatever and whoever is supposed to be wearing them :p hahaha

  6. haha I'm pretty sure boyfriend jeans look better on the ladies anyway. Loving the white blazer and denim combo. 

    ~xx camomeetscouture.blogspot.com

  7. Haha, too funny! Love your boyfriend jeans, you look super chic! :) My boyfriend doesn't understand my taste in shoes... he thinks many of them are crazy but then I wear them and he thinks I look great. Oh men :)

  8. The Beibs reminds me of Justin Timberlake in this song- I love it too!
    Cute outfit - I love a white blazer
    My boyfriend is perplexed by any heels I put on that make me taller than him!

  9. great jeans!


  10. Ah I love my boyfriend Jeans. Mine are from the gap and are so comfortable!! 

    Sara :)

  11. The boyfriend jeans look so great on you, love the fit! My hubby usually tells me I look beautiful no matter what I'm wearing...he's good like that, but I doubt he understands most of the spring trends :)

    The Tiny Heart 

  12. I think the outfit is adorable, and I empathize with you on the man confusion ... I wish I were actually keeping a little book of some of the things my Mr. has said.  Mixing patterns is something that he just can't wrap his head around. ;)

  13. The boyfriend jeans look great on you! Haha, oh boys will never understand. Everything I pick out, my husband doesn't understand, but once I put together an outfit, he tells me how great I look.. which I guess is all that matters.  He's a good hubby. :)

    xo, Yi-chia

  14. haha. well, whatever you call them ... the jeans are fabulous!


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