Friday, April 18, 2014

Blogger Spotlight: Treasure Tromp

Today's blogger in the Spotlight is Nicole of Treasure Tromp. Nicole's blog is a refreshing break from the many fashion/style bloggers in my blog roll. Her posts are stories of her travels, exotic locations & local finds along the way. She just returned from a year in South Africa & is now pursuing her Ph.D. in Psychology (color me impressed!!)

But seriously, this adventurous lady has gone shark cage diving with great whites in South Africa, hung out with meerkatsdrank "kopi luwak" (cat poop coffee??) in Bali & toured Paris.  And her blog? A placed filled with the joy of "discovering life's little treasures one adventure at a time"… that she shares in hopes of encouraging your own journey too!

A Cali girl at heart, Nicole caught the travel bug & shares her contagiously fun personality on her blog. For example, how great is this party she threw for her fiancĂ©!? But let me step aside & allow Nicole to properly introduce herself:
Get her tips for using coconut oil in your beauty routine.

Who else wants to tag along with her many excursions!? Any room in your carry on Nicole??
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No doubt you are already as hooked on this blog as I am, but to sweeten the introduction, Nicole is hosting a giveaway for $20 to Amazon gift card for one lucky reader! (open to any country Amazon ships).

Comments are closed today so that you can go over & say hi on Nicole's blog!

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