Monday, April 21, 2014

Bloggers Who Budget: Prints + Patterns

We're baaaack! This month the Bloggers Who Budget group is showing off our prints & patterns! All of my items in today's outfit rang in at well under $100 & I consider them all work horses in my closet. During the work week, button downs get tucked into pencil skirts & are worn with heels. But come the (freakin') weekend, I like to knot up my tops & pair them with comfortable sneakers. Be sure to check out how the rest of these ladies wear their prints & patterns for Spring too!
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{ What I Wore for weekend errands: J.Crew button down (similar 1, 2) // J.Crew Factory pencil skirt // Converse sneakers // Gap jean jacket // Tolani scarf }

all photos | Zipporah Photography
How have prints & patterns been making their way into your Spring wardrobe?


  1. I love how you've paired the bright skirt with the monotone stripped shirt!! Such a great look!

    Little Beauty Blog

    Elizabeth x

  2. Love the scarf paired with the stripes!

  3. Loving this cute combo + your sneakers!


  4. I love all of the colors! How fun!


  5. Love all these blogs - such fabulous fashion at a steal :)

  6. Such a fun casual look! Love the pop of yellow.

  7. I'm loving the stripes and neon paired together in your look!


  8. I love a jean jackets with an outfit. I really don't have that many patterns in my closet, I feel like. I need to take care of that! You look beautiful, Jess!

  9. cute outfit! i am always a fan of anything stripes or polka dots :)

  10. Love this outfit!! So cute..and the skirt is perfect for spring..bright, vibrant and playful

  11. How fun is that background?! Love the prints, the colors, and the sneakers--you look adorable!

  12. Ooo I love the color of your skirt, I have it in white but now I'm thinking green might be in my future ;)

    Kristina does the Internets

  13. This look is so chill and effortless. LOVE.
    The Pumpkin Spot

  14. Love this outfit!
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