Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

This year on Christmas morning we got up early to open stockings from Santa, and gifts from our immediate family (as usual) before driving 2 hours to my Meme & Papa's house to continue celebrating the birth of our savior Jesus Christ ('tis the reason for the season) with the rest of the crew. 

I think I enjoy Christmas even more as an adult. When I was younger it was such a transient experience - something that I looked forward to all year, but it was "over" so quickly (the tearing into presents part that is). But now, I am able to better sit back, and soak up just being around my family. 
Sipping on coffee while my sisters and I sit around the table opening our "Santa" stockings might be my new favorite thing about Christmas Day.  But it is probably tied with seeing my family open the presents I have picked out for them, as well. We were all very fortunate to not only just be all together, but also blessed with thoughtful new presents to remind us of each other throughout the coming year. 

mush alert: it was also wonderful having Ty home with me on Christmas for the first time (awww!)
Clockwise from top left: 
Cheyanne showing off her new Mickey Mouse gear; 
Ty and I tearing into some gifts (I have not a clue what is going on to our left); 
Dad got another Hawaiian shirt to add to his collection; 
Showing off my new blanket sweater (LOVE!); 
Doug is chillin' in the midst of the present opening storm; 
Ty opened his present from my Dad, a "trick" puzzle box that contains pictures of presidents inside; 
Sarah is tired of opening up boxes inside of boxes, "get to the good stuff already!"; 
(middle) Sissy opened the "Monet-esque" painting I did for her

How does your family celebrate the big day? Does "Santa" still visit you? 
Cheers to New Year's Eve Eve!

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