Saturday, December 31, 2011

resolute resolutions

2011 was a good year, great even! Filled with travel, new friends, new life milestones, and just the regular mundane things that make my life mine. After reading so many blogs online, and being inspired by personal style blogs, street style pictures, and lifestyle blogs, I also mustered up enough courage to join the blogging world for myself. A couple of months, 50+ posts later, and with lots of new creative juices flowing in my body, I am happy to report that my blogging experience is so far so good!

As I look forward to 2012 (tomorrow!!) I want to continue my focus on positive thinking and living in the Here&Now, but I also want to try and better myself through more engaged relationships, treating my body with more respect (more water, more running), and learning new things.

Below I have thought of 12 resolutions to work on in '12. Some are easy (aka set up my paycheck so it direct deposits into my savings/retirement), while others will require me to stretch myself and my time commitments (finding a new church, for example).

I hope that by putting these "resolutions" out there on the intewebs, I will have "you" to hold me accountable for working towards these goals... so here we go!
Any resolutions you are working on in 2012?
Do we have any of the same resolutions?
Do you make a list and write it all out, or keep it in your head?

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