Wednesday, December 21, 2011

online inspiration

Have you checked out any of the online magazines that have been popping up like wildflowers? I think this new resource is great! While I still subscribe to several glossy magazines, having this new source of inspiration online has been wonderful.

I originally fell in love with online magazines when I read the first issue of Matchbook Magazine. This mag stole my heart when I read how they define their reader (the "Matchbook girl")... too cute! Every issue is packed with great fashion, lovely interviews, and an overall aesthetic that is perfection.
that about sums it all up.. I wanna be a Matchbook girl
Lonny Magazine has recently gotten on my radar, and I can't wait to see more! The design ideas within the pages are swoon-worthy, and their holiday gift guide was chock-full of gorgeous finds.
table-scapes to try out for the holiday season

I have been a follower of the House of Fifty blog for a while now, and am very excited about following the House of fifty magazine now too. I am in love with their inspirational design spaces, and also their very spot on fashion pieces... aka I want every single one of these boots!
too fabulous!

I don't think I have seen a more extensive or awe-inspiring Holiday Gift Guide then what was presented in the most recent Gifted Magazine Holiday Issue... I had already finished my shopping my the time I came across this, but I have lots of ideas for next year! (keeping my eye out for some of these things on sale after the new year)
awesome stocking suffer ideas!
The recent issue of Anthology Magazine featured spotlights of some wonderful artists, products, and companies. This is a complete lifestyle magazine that has something to offer for everyone! (I particularly appreciated the gift guide for "all the young dudes" as that is a difficult family member to buy for )
perfect ideas for the awesome dudes on your Christmas list
Rue Magazine has drool worthy spaces and also is very in touch with bloggers. A perennial go-to among the it people on the internets... I am loving keeping up
great interviews with fashion bloggers
spaces that are to die for!!
I hope you too can gleam some inspiration from these digital magazines.  Are there any online magazines you are following that I should check out? I am looking forward to catching up with some of my reading list (aka Real Simple, Cosmo & Elle) over the break!

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