Wednesday, December 21, 2011

home for the holidays

As I get ready to head on down the road to Arkansas I am crossing off all of the items on my never ending "to do before Christmas" list and making a new list of activities I can't wait to partake in while home for the holidays...

Attend my 
church's Christmas Eve 
Candle light service (the sanctuary 
lit by candles is hauntingly beautiful, 
and I love seeing my church family) 
{2.} Spend my first Christmas with Tyler in 
the same place (he is flying down to join my family and me on 
Christmas Eve) {3.} Make Christmas cookies (and eat lots of 
dough!) {4.} Pick out my favorite Christmas light tree in the downtown 
park (family tradition) {5.} Hold my little sister's hand while she gets her 
ears pierced (she is growing up to be such a beautiful young lady!)
What holiday traditions are you looking forward to? Are you going to 
your childhood home, 
staying put or traveling 
to a new 

I hope your holidays are Merry&Bright, and that you may surrounded by those that love you

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  1. I wish I could see that candle light service, I bet it is amazing!
    You now need to add, having breakfast with old friends to that fun list! Loved getting to see you and catch up!


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