Thursday, December 8, 2011

love the possibilities

I am big into expressing yourself through words (AKA, I talk a lot), but this mural in Nashville reminds me that it is actually the deeds/actions you do that define who you are. I am going to make it a resolution, if you will, for 2012 that I will do a better job of loving the people around me, the planet I live on, and the possibilities that come into my life (be it the things I actively strive for, or the "unanswered prayers" that fall my way)

I drive by this mural weekly, and finally convinced Ty to stop with me. It was totally worth my "photographer" (Tyler) getting harassed by homeless people. (they weren't being mean, just joking, and giving him a hard time!)
Sweater - Banana Republic
Corduroys - Gap
Ballet Flats - J.Crew
What are some of your resolutions? Can you believe it is December!? I cannot understand how we zipped through 2011 so quickly and already into 2012 (maybe this is why I need to live in the "Here&Now" more!)


  1. That wall is great. And it goes really well with that outfit actually. I think that is a great resolution, and one that we should really all strive to remember and act on :)

  2. for someone to define himself is necessary to spend time alone to organise his thoughts and what he wants in his life
    anyway I could agree more with the quote live here and now!
    ps i love the yellow sweater!


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