Thursday, September 13, 2012

styling session: polka dot shorts

Ladies, Grace... Grace, ladies... If you weren't acquainted before, be prepared to fall in love with this stylish gal. I love me some Grace - A Southern, sassy, brunette who is also an undercover smartie... long lost twins I tell ya!

Well hello, fab readers of Here&Now! I'm Grace from A Southern Drawl.  I'm an awkward bioengineering major and a gal that has a passion for style. I absolutely love Jessica's style, so being able to guest post on here is like eating a surprise funfetti cake (aka it's pretty awesome).  Jessica's wittiness, nerdy studies, awkward quirks, stunning style, and southern charm always make me comin' back to read more. 

shorts: old navy, shoes: sam edelman, purse: marc jacobs, belt: ann taylor, top: banana republic, watch: michael kors, sunnies: tory burch
Did ya see those polka dot shorts up there? I got those suckers for $15.  And they fit perfectly.  Not only do they make my bum look not-so-bummish, but they're polka dot. What gets better than that you say? Nothing, I tell you, nothing.  As a recent convert from stripes to polkas (don't worry I still overly rock my stripes), it seems that polka dots go with anything and everything. And paired with a little sequins on the top? Why not, right? Go big or go home. And no one wants to go home.

I digress.

Thanks again Jessica for letting me clutter up this post with my awkward ramblings! I hope y'all stop on by and see me sometime!

Pure cuteness I tell you! I appreciate some end-of-summer outfit ideas that are fresh and distract me from my Fall-ward leanings... I mean, have you looked at the Nashville weather lately? (of course you have)... sweaters and cords are so not happening anytime soon!)


  1. What a good color for the shorts. Also perfect for the southern weather changes latley~ (Heyo from Alabama!)


  2. Love those shorts!


  3. Those shorts are amazing and you styled it so cutely. I want a pair. :)


  4. I LOVE those shorts! That color bag is perfect with them!

  5. gorgeous colors!! very chic bag and polka dot shorts!!


  6. Adorable! Love the outfit and Jessica!


  7. She is so cute! Love those shorts!


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