Friday, April 5, 2013

pause for cute: twins' 1st birthday

Many of my friends are in the "having kids stage" of their lives & this scares the crud outta me. I LOVE babies, toddlers, kids & all the cuteness in between but I can't even raise a puppy at this point in time, much less think about a tiny human relying on me (shudder!).
Good thing my sister has not one but TWO ridiculously adorable babies for me to shower with love (twin love) - play with baby curls, smoosh baby fat rolls, raspberry baby bellies & all that delicious baby stuff. 
But come time for a diaper change, or a cry fest - back to mom. Aunt Gigi ain't got time for that!

Over Easter weekend, my troupe (Ty & the two doggies) made our way back to my motherland - Arkansas, for my twin baby girl nieces' first birthday.
I seriously still can't wrap my mind around the fact that they are 1 already!
The babies made quite an eventful entry into this world causing my sister a major health scare (you can read the story straight from her on her blog), and we are beyond overjoyed to be celebrating a year of babies, a year of ever increasing health for my sister & a year of a happy growing family.

Etta Jane & Claire Elaine threw a major rager for their 1st Fiesta. #coolkids
I'm absolutely positive my 1st birthday didn't include a margarita machine!
best birthday cake - dulce de leche... I had two huge slices!
Yes, Etta - I do hear that avocado is a good face treatment! 
All Southern ladies cross their ankles while they eat... gotta start them young!
Claire is a pro at clapping, waving & her favorite - SMILING!
Claire wasn't so sure about the first bite of her birthday pudding, but she soon learned its delicious ways!
Etta has so got this down!
Seesters - seriously how chic is my sister with her new crop top hair!?
Arm chub for dayyyyys!
The beautiful family - turns out babies don't sit still very long for pictures! #wiggleworms
Ok, these faces might make me think about babies of my own... just a little bit... one day in the distant future!


  1. They are adorable! I am totally with you on kids...I am perfectly happy with my doggies and it also weirds me out that people my age have multiple children already. I still feel 16 sometimes!

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Um, yea - two dogs = awesome, two kids = crazy town!

  3. They are so cute! I'm not ready for kids either, but I love hanging out with my friends kids! And love her hair - you two totally do look alike!

  4. Yall look so much alike!! I love veing an aunt, so awesome that you have twins for a neice and nephew!

  5. What a beautiful family! A very happy birthday to the 1 year old ladies!

    With Luck Blog

  6. Happy birthday to those beautiful twins! Being an aunt is such a special feeling. xo


  7. Being an auntie is the best isn't it?! Happy birthday to those beautiful twins! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. They're adorable! You and your sister look so much alike, I love her short hair!

  9. They are TOO cute, but I can totally relate to the "I'll play with other people's kids and then give them back" sentiment. I'm pretty sure my years of nannying and now working in occupational therapy have simultaneously shown me I want kids but not for awhile. Looks like you guys had fun!


  10. Are you and your sister twins?
    Because you could be :)

  11. SO very glad Aunt Gigi and Unca Ty got to be there for the festivities. We love you guys! Thanks for the amazing pictures!

  12. Amazing your pictures!

    Love babies and kinds, They are too cute, beautiful babies!





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