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Today I'm thrilled to introduce you to a fellow Nashville blogger, Brynn of Being/Elliott. As I mentioned in my collaboration post with former Nashvillian blogger Rachel, Brynn, Rachel & I had wonderful plans to meet up & then Rachel was hit by a truck (true story!)

Why Brynn & I still haven't met yet doesn't make any sense & is just a travesty, but after reading her A's to my Q's, I know that it is inevitable!

Brynn has been to several NYC fashion weeks, interned at Harper's Bazaar in New York & writes for multiple publications including LOLO Magazine! Get it Girl!

Meet your new style muse:
1. When/Why did you start Being/Elliott?
I started Being/Elliott in 2010 in order to have a platform to express my creative thoughts and ideas. A blog is a perfect way to showcase creative, encouraging messages!

One of my goals is to show readers and viewers what is out there fashion-wise for the taking, often at little cost, for those bold enough to embrace their own personal style. For example, I share how I go to thrift stores to get a great look for less money. I like to avoid spending thousands of dollars and I want to let others know it's OK to do that!

I also want to give people the confidence to discover their inner style: the beautiful gift God has given them which shines through, regardless of what they are wearing. I want people to be adventuresome enough to embrace and celebrate that God-given style.

2. How would you describe your personal style?

I would say my style is classic minimalism with a vintage kick!
I heartily encourage being thrifty! My personal style is a mix of high and low end items. I mix new items with vintage and thrifted pieces. I want to give readers the confidence to discover new ways to be stylish and express themselves in a fashionable way.

3. Quantity or Quality?
Quality. Always. It's best to have basic quality classics to anchor your look instead of a lot of poor quality goods which do not wear well.

4. What 5 items define your style?
A statement piece of jewelry. I love my ring from Eometrie Handmade.

A handsome pair of jeans. I love this pair from Imogene + Willie.

A formidable clutch, like this lovely one from Red Earth Trading Co.

A sophisticated coat. (I thrive in the cold) I adore this structured number from Pierson Arkins.

...And, of upmost importance...a bold lipstick! I adore this shade from Revlon (Wine with Everything).

5. You have lived in both NYC & Nashville. What elements of your style are influenced by each city?
I love incorporating each city's unique aesthetic into my daily wardrobe choices!

From New York, I take cutting edge sophistication, whether it's in the form of classic stilettos with jeans or a structured coat. New Yorkers always look clean and polished and I try to keep up ;)

The Nashville component is where my vintage flare comes from.There is a great sense of history in Nashville. Nashville is also a history book of fabulous vintage stores, like Local Honey and Savant Vintage. With so many shops, I've been able to collect a substantial vintage collection. I pair these one-of-a-kind pieces with more modern clothing and a perfect marriage is born....in fashion heaven. Yeee-hawh!

6. What is the best part about blogging?
Sharing with others! I enjoy giving advice or sharing products from companies I really have a passion for. I also like interacting with my precious readers. They are a very intelligent bunch who give me great ideas! I love love love my readers!

7. You have featured some amazing products/brands on your blog. How do you go about reaching out to artisans/companies?
I start by being kind to people. This is the most important step. Being complimentary and kind is important to developing any relationship or collaboration. I've found a lot of amazing companies simply from friendships I have created over the years. I love sharing what I love with others, so if I have friends who are artisans or designers, I'm excited to tell my viewers all about their creations!

8. Nashville is known for its hot humid summers, what make-up and/or hair products keep you looking fresh in the summer? Tips appreciated!
First of all, I hardly ever blow-dry my hair, which can create breakage which leads to frizzy locks. That helps my hair be significantly healthier and less frizzy in humidity. I highly recommend taking a break from the constant blow-outs, flat irons or curling devices. - Embrace your God-given texture!
You can even spritz that style with a tamer to settle your look!

Make up should be minimal and lightly applied in the heat, also. It can be a light base/ blush/lip gloss and touch of mascara. Don't forget that base of sunscreen!!!!!

9. What do you want to be when you grow up?
I have a lot of ideas of what I want to ultimately do, but, more than anything, I want to be joyful and always think of others. That's something we should all strive for, no matter how "grown-up" we become!

Photo credit:  Kat + Em via The Refined Woman
Doesn't she sound like a complete sweetheart that you want to go on a vintage/thrift store treasure hunt ASAP!?
Check out more of her & her fabulous blog here!
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P.S. Brynn & I swapped blogs today, & you can check out my interview on her site here!


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  3. Ah! Another Brynn! There aren't many of us out there over the age of 5, so I get REALLY excited when I meet/hear about another one :) Thanks for introducing us to Brynn!!


  4. this is such a sweet idea to swap blogs for the day - how wonderful!

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