Wednesday, April 24, 2013

trends that make you go hmm... overalls

Is it just me, or have overalls been popping up like crazy lately?!
Long, short dungarees, rolled, layered, colorful or classic (can that last one even be said about overalls) - these babies appear to be going mainstream.
1 // 2 // 3 // 4
Maybe it is just a Fashion Week phenomenon (like that idiotic cape-jacket thing that renders your arms completely useless), or a Man Repeller Thing (it does appear that overalls inspired her first tome), or a 90s comeback invasion.

But I have to ask: Are Overalls a trend that you will be trying out?
Personally, I think my foray into overalls peaked in 1997 & dangit I wish I had a picture to prove it, because I'm pretty sure I rocked the crap out of them!

On board with overalls?
Get your fix with these picks below, or scout out a vintage pair at your local thrift shop/flea market

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(on second thought, it J.Crew sells overalls, I would totally think about getting a pair!!)


  1. Bottom left is the first and ONLY time I'll say this, but it doesn't look that bad. Now, it'd look better with boyfriend jeans. I really want to burn all the overalls.

  2. I don't understand why this trend is coming back. I wore overalls like crazy in the 7th grade and it's not something I want to revisit!

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  3. I hate this trend! Sorry to say that, but I do! haha when I was younger I wore them a lot, but I don't think they are fashionable at all- even in an ironic kind of way

  4. I'm sorry I'm not sorry... But I can't stand overalls. I've kept one pair since the 90's for costume reasons. They're awful with their wide legs and crazy huge straps...... Ew. ew, ew, ewwwww

  5. i am not a big fan of overalls... but they look great on the ladies above

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  6. I mean, I loooooveeed overalls when I was younger. I had them in jean, I had them in colors, I had them in velvet. There was really no stopping me! Now though, I don't get it. Mostly for the fact of WHO do overalls actually look good on? WHO?! Nobody.

  7. Not a fan. Not one bit. I'll admit I have seen them styled in a not totally heinous way, but I still wish they'd just go away.

  8. I was a sucker for overalls from elementary up until my first year of college but I think I'll leave that in the past unless I'm painting or cleaning around the house.

  9. No kidding, I've actually seen several people I know recently rocking overalls! I had like, 5 pairs in elementary school (not including my "shorteralls" also about 5 pairs) and loved them! I was absolutely not buying into this trend again until I saw all these chic looks, and now I'm kinda wanting some! How cool is the blazer over top and the tapered legs of look #4?! I don't know where to find them, but I'm not opposed!

    Also- hope you're staying dry today! My Hunter boots were def NOT on the agenda for today, but any other shoes would have been massacred in this storm!

    perfectly priya

  10. I don't think I will be trying overalls again, but I sure loved my Calvin Klein pair back in the late 90s! I actually still have them, and they came in handy for a Halloween costume a few years ago.

  11. Yeah, I wore overalls when I was a teenager. Not happening again, no matter how trendy they get. My kids look cute in them though. :)

  12. I wore overalls as a kid, but I will not be delving back into them this time around! I don't think they would be flattering on me! lol

  13. I wore overralls as a kid. I don't see myself wearing them again.

  14. Definitely wore overalls as a kid! But I don't think I want to wear them again. I don't think they are that comfortable actually!

  15. I definitely want to wear them again, soo many childhood memories and I love that kind of style.

  16. It seems to me with most fashion lately that all you really need is great legs, a fierce pair of heels and a gorgeous face and you’re pretty much allowed to wear whatever the heck you want. Doesn’t have to match. Doesn’t have to even fit you. It’s all about the face, legs, and heels! Dangit. I’m screwed.

  17. These girls are doing it wrong, you are only supposed to attach one of those straps!! Right?! haha. I don't think I could ever get back into overalls. I think they are definitely only made for certain body types, if we are even going to say they are flattering.

  18. those are so cute!!



  19. Liked them okay as a kid, but don't think I'll rock overalls again! Esp since I don't have the patience to strip down when I have to pee!

    xoxo, Julie

  20. Ughhh I just don't get it. Overalls just aren't my thing. If Tuula can't even rock them, then the rest of us definitely can't! I wish this trend would go away!

  21. not sure if i will, they are only cute on certain age

  22. I'm not sure if I'm ready to set back into overalls...reminds me too much of middle school.


  23. I like photos 3 and 4 above buuuuut I don't see myself trying this out. though I had the sweetest calvin klein overalls in high school. I was pretty awesome.
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  24. i mean, i loved my overalls back when i was a kid - but i don't know if i could brave them again

  25. I'm usually all about trying trends and what not, but I just can't do overalls again. For tailgaiting? Yes. For everyday life, no! Not me!

  26. I actually would totally rock them again! Overalls are the most comfortable thing ever! There's like fat jeans but better!

  27. becauseshannasaidsoApril 29, 2013 at 11:03 PM

    Dear Lord!!! I am NOT a fan....but never say never!!! Praying tonight that these bad boys are a super quick trend that don't make it too far!!! Geesh....I can't even imagine wearing them. LOL!


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