Thursday, April 25, 2013

Shop It To Me: The LWD

Here & Now: The Little White Dress
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6
With my wedding date picked & venue booked, now my eyes are set on some of the more fun things of getting engaged: taking pictures with my man friend, celebrating with friends & tasting cakes (seriously, there is no way that is going to suck!)

And I just feel like many of these occasions require a LWD.
I have been looking around for the LBD's chic & sassy sister but the picken's be slim.
Do you have a Little White Dress? 
Where did you procure this hidden gem!?

P.S. Time to get serious, it is the last day to enter the J.Crew gift card giveaway (two of the dresses above are J.Crew beauts!)


  1. I totally agree! This is the time to wear white for every occasion! I am obsessed with #3! But they're all beautiful and you look amazing in everything anyway!

  2. I wore an ivory dress to my bridal shower...wear all the LWDs you can!

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  3. Yes! I have a few cute LWDs but I always have to be careful where to wear them (aka not to a wedding shower just in case the bride-to-be is wearing white, too!)

  4. Every girl needs a little white dress, especially in summer time. They're so charming and pretty. I love eyelit ones, personally!

  5. I got engaged in December and I've been stocking up on white dresses since!

  6. I have a LWD, but I'm not sure if it fits me at the moment. It's a Calvin Klein that I found at Marshall's or TJ Maxx. I love it, but soon realized that it shows a bit more cleavage than I am comfortable with, so I reserve it for occasions where I'm mostly with my husband, like anniversary dinners or when we are on vacation. I would love to find another one that is more appropriate for every day!

  7. I love #1 and #5!! I guess most of my summer dresses have been to attend other peoples' weddings so a LWD might be frowned upon....

  8. YOU Definitely need a LWD for these occasions! I have a couple white dresses, but I wouldn't consider them my LWD. I love them, but they are cute, not sexy. I think you have to feel sexy in it, not saying it should be short and tight haha, just gives you that extra boost of confidence! I LOVE #2, 3 and 6!

  9. Asos! They have a great selection at every price point, and you can sort by color, so it's easy to just skip right to what you need. I managed to score an ivory Ted Baker dress with a dramatic one-shoulder ruffle, originally $300+, on final clearance for like half price. Wore it to my rehearsal dinner and made my friends and family do a double-take! Now if only I can figure out another occasion to wear it...

  10. Loving no4 and no5 they so pretty!

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  11. Five is for sure, the best.

  12. I have a little white dress! It's a lacy one from Target :) I LOVE it - it has a very simple silhouette, but is incredible versatile and can be dressed up, down, accessorized as much or as little as I want...perfect! The second one is super pretty.


  13. Congrats on getting the 2 most important things done in wedding planning! Loving #2, I think white dresses are essential during an engagement!


  14. check out Lilly Pulitzer for LWDs! Kind of pricey, but worth every penny! My husband picked out a Lilly for me, and I wore it to our rehearsal dinner - it's my favorite dress

  15. A LWD is a must. Good luck!

    Someone posted this link to white dresses on Facebook and I thought it might help you with your search...



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