Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sunday Shopping: Wedded Bliss

It is that time again. Wedding season is upon us!
While wedding planning, I have learned WAY more etiquette than I ever thought was involved in this whole thing. That being said, I think that if possible you should pretty much always stick to the registry, just to be safe. But if you know the couple very closely & want to get them something special, I recommend these wedding gift picks 
(& would personally love to get them myself... hint hint)
 set of couple tumblers 1 // beautiful piece of serving ware 2 // picnic basket for two 3 // measuring cups with personality 4 // quirky storage container 5 // new home for recipes from the Mr. & Mrs. to be 6 // touch of style for the new casa 7 // chic wine bottle decorations 8
what is your go-to Wedding gift that is sure to please?
(just be sure not to bring a food basket!)


  1. Those tumblers???? Adorable!


  2. I agree - people make registries for a reason, it's best to stick to them - however I would not say no to that beautiful pitcher.

  3. that gnome jar is the cutest thing I ever did see!


  4. So funny I just got engaged and my sister-in-law gave me those cute little tumblers! I'm obsessed. These are great pics!

    xo Dina

    Sweetest Somethings

  5. How great is that little gnome?! Thanks for including WOM! Love this whole spread. xo Big Hugs @ Waiting on Martha

  6. I've got a few weddings coming up so am very interested to see how the etiquette goes in practice! And I read that story too - how ridiculous hahaha :)

  7. Oh my I love these adorable gift suggestions.........can anything be prettier than that blue pitcher???


  8. Those tumblers are SO cute!

  9. I've only been to two weddings in my life, both when I was underage so my parents bought stuff. I would probably just stick to the registry too!

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