Saturday, July 6, 2013

weekend reading: 7.06.13

this weekend why don't you :: enjoy some Summer classics - corndogs, amusement park rides, maybe a slip-n-slide!?

{what you might have missed on the internets this week}
{1.} A fun new wardrobe challenge.

{2.} The next best thing to having Cher Horowitz's closet.

{3.} Summer denim 5 ways... which ones are you favorite?

{4.} Common sense or not, you'd be surprised! Modern wedding etiquette.

{5.} Does blogging scare you?


  1. As a die-hard Cher Horowitz fan, I obviously needed to click on #2... and it brought me right back to your blog hahahaha. Now, let me say I am dogsitting for a very conservative family right now so there's a solid chance they just have that site blocked through one of their fancy filtering mechanisms and you linked everything up perfectly, but I just thought it was hilarious that it seemed like you linked your pictures as "the next best thing to Cher Horowitz's closet" (although I'd have to agree!). I'll have to try again later when I'm back home!

    Have a good weekend!

  2. ha! Well I certainly wish I was that clever! The link was broken, but is all better now! Thanks for letting me know :)


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