Tuesday, July 2, 2013

NYC adventures

I have already told you about all of the eating & wedding dress shopping we did in NYC during our #SeesterTripNYC, but we did so much more!

Here is a snapshot of our weekend:
I arrived on Friday & had a whole morning/early afternoon for exploring the City on my own.
I had the cabbie take me from LaGuardia to Central Park & then walked from 57th to 5th Ave. for my J.Crew wedding dress appointment, passing through the Flatiron District, Madison Square Park & some major window shopping/eye candy!
{A perfect day in the City!}
{Madison Square Park area}
My sister had some flight delays, but I was BEYOND excited to meet her at Penn Station & get our weekend together officially underway. Together we navigated the Subway system to our China Town digs, found dinner & frolicked.

On the way home from dinner my sweet sweet friend called to say that she had gotten us on the "List" for Lord Huron's sold out show at The Webster (one of my favorite bands, do yourself a favor & check them out!)
Eventing plans decided! And yes, it was amazing!
Saturday morning was filled with walking, window shopping (hello Kate Spade Saturday), coffee shops & finding our way to the Macy's appointment.
We then took the Subway to Brooklyn, wandered, stuffed ourselves on yummy Greek bunch, rode around in a car service & ended up at the last gown shop, where I found The One.

Buying a wedding dress must be some kind of high, because we then decided to walk all the way back to Manhattan on the Brooklyn Bridge.
A near death experience caused by a rouge biker & swollen feet later we made it!
Totally worth it, gorgeous views & spotted that adorable Lady Liberty along the way!
{Yummy fro-yo for the trip across the bridge!}
{86 floors up above the Big Apple}
{Loving all those tiny yellow dots from the Empire State Building}
Holding on for dear life, but enjoying every second of the beautiful Manhattan skyline sunset!
Venturing in Brooklyn. We spent Saturday night in Brooklyn at a roof top bar with magnificent city views!
Sunday we woke up officially BEAT, but determined to continue on our journey to see it all!
The MoMA was certainly more of a treat than I had expected it to be.
I was never one to really appreciate modern art, but seeing it in person changed everything.
Everyone & their sister has been talking about the Rain Room at the MoMA. But the 3-6 hour wait, in the beating sun, with no end in sight, just wasn't something that me & my sister were down for.
So we took the "observer only" route & enjoyed it just as thoroughly!
It seriously is an amazing installation that I highly recommend checking out if you get the chance!
I'm thrilled that we saw it, but only invested 30 minutes instead of 6 hours of our precious time in the city.
{Stopping along the way for photo-ops!}
{Our quaint China Town neighborhood}
Sunday afternoon also provided me the treat of meeting up with two fellow bloggers, Brynn & Sam in the Upper East Side for smoothies & people watching along the East River!
They were the sweetest!!
From concerts, good eats, classic tourist spots, to finding the wedding dress I didn't know I was dreaming of... NYC was too good to us! We disd't get to see everything on our list, which just mean we will certainly have to come back SOON!
Annual sister trip!?


  1. Just saw Lord Huron in Norman, OK. They were wonderful!

  2. These pictures look great.. New york looks amazing!

    Ah... I wish I could go!!!

    Congrats on a great blog, I love it!

    I just followed you and I'm checking out your older posts. If you can, check out La Dolce Moda and if you like I'd be so honored if you follow :)


    La Dolce Moda

  3. Yay for Kate Spade Saturday!


  4. It looks like you guys had the most amazing time. I'm DYING to be in New York sometime soon!

    Chelsea & The City

  5. I'm so glad you had a blast! I've been a million times and each time it's a new entrancing experience!

    xo, Nina


  6. Yay, fellow Lord Huron lover! They are soooo wonderful!

  7. Thank you lady! Headed over to check out your site now!

  8. Seriously! And kind of kicking myself for not taking advantage of the 1 hour delivery in the city... if even to just see how it works!

  9. I hope you get to go! I wanna go back already!!

  10. I love that you could probably see a different part of NYC for tons and tons of visits! So many different flavors, but all equally amazing!

  11. Omg I was seriously listening to Lord Huron as I came on here to read your post for today! I'm so jealous you got to see them! I'll have to see if they're coming to Chicago any time soon.... Your trip looks amazing. I'm also so excited for you that you found your dress! I'm sure it's amaaazing


  12. Your photos are making me want to go to NYC more than I already did before! Love your shots!

    xo jen
    Pearls & Lace

  13. 1 Hour delivery?? Is that a real thing? Sounds awesome! It looks like you had so much fun in the city. Can't wait to see THE ONE!

    Exploring My Style


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