Wednesday, August 22, 2012

boy problems

Does your man friend have style? Do you try to "suggest" things for him to wear? Does he listen? I think that Ty has a great, unique style... and I only take a small bit of credit for slightly influencing his purchases at Urban Outfitters, introducing him to J.Crew and stocking his closet full of staples come birthdays/holidays... so yea completely not tooting my own horn :)
But seriously, men's style is not my forté, so lucky there are wonderful male fashion bloggers and sites to help out with what you need to know before buying fashion for your boyfriend.

Enter StylePilot... A personal style engine for men (they are so lucky!)
Buying clothes for your boyfriend can be exciting and frustrating all at the same time. I can get so excited about the stylish items I pick out for him and cannot wait to see what he looks like in them; however, I have to realize that just because it is my style doesn't necessarily mean that it is his... 

What if you had the power to convince your boyfriend that what you had bought him were perfect for his build and overall appearance? No doubt that sounds appealing, but where would you be able to find such information?
Mmmm... I love a guy in a well fitted tux
With StylePilot's online outfit builder you can easily pick out clothes that are perfect for your boyfriend/husband/dad/uncle/whoever! Every man is different, and the outfit builder understands, giving personalized style advice that is unique from your standard catalog showcasing ripped male models who look great in everything (not that I would mind a magazine full of Ryan Gosling wearing J.Crew clothes... just saying)
While your boyfriend may well be a bronzed hunk, not everyone is so lucky – so you need to find what is going to suit your man best, whatever his build.

Using such a system of personalized style advice means that you can easily input your man’s height, build, hair color, and other yummy characteristics and get suggestions for clothes that will bring out the best in him.

Of course, the purpose of this is to make him look good. If you need to share your secret behind your style purchases with your man so he appreciates it more and actually wears his new clothes, then feel free. I think your man will love his new duds... although he might not say it (men!?)

Just think of all the ways you will be helping him! 
Especially if your man is lacking in the sense of style department, fashion advice from his lovely, stylish girlfriend/wife/sister will be helping him to understand what he looks good in. Obviously you already think he looks good in anything, however you will have helped take his look to the next level.

As he embraces fashion and becomes more comfortable with it, you might even be able to drag him around the shops more easily than you ever previously imagined!

Stylepilot is designed exclusively for men to navigate fashion online and to discover which styles and items to purchase. Stylepilot displays a large collection of mens jeans, mens shirts, casual wear and tailoring.

What is your favorite outfit of your special man?
What's his worse fashion offense?
Happy outfit building!


  1. My husband owns about as many suits as I do dresses, and that's a lot. 

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee 

  2. Oh wow! I do get jealous sometimes that guys have it so easy - 2 pairs of jeans, top of choice (polo/button down/tee) in a variety of colors, three pairs of shoes, and their casual outfit wardrobe is complete! But maybe I would get bored with that... Haha

  3. LOVE this! Such a great idea for the guys. New follower!

  4. I honestly literally dress my hubby...lol He works in a hospital so his uniform is the same from day-to-day. Yet when we are going out or going to a wedding, church, I like to make sure he's dressed nice. His style is simple and although I do buy his clothes, he is very picky!
    Have fun dressing your men ladies


  5. I actually wish I could dress my boyfriend more, but I just try and make casual suggestions like "Well you know what would look really great?" and he's told me that a lot of times he thinks "What would Priya have me wear?" when he gets dressed, a win in my book! This StylePilot thing sounds really cool though, I'll have to check it out! I try and keep buying him gifts of nice-looking stuff that I've picked out, just to steer him in the right direction :) he does pretty well on his own though, and I just love a nice v-neck (which I had to convince him to get at first because he thought they were too hipster!), dark slim jeans, and boat shoes. Can't go wrong.

    perfectly priya


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