Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July resolutions round up

What a fun month!
My July showcase how to dress for 100+ temps, peplums, pattern, and my favorite J.Crew bubble necklace
Also, a big thank you goes out to Lindsay from Lindsay J Everyday for the Versatile Blogger Award!
Time again for my resolution round up (previous months: December, January, February, April, May, June)... and this was quite the month (of growth, and failure... silly tempting clothes)!
July was a great month for cutting out gluten (seriously still loving it!), increasing outdoor adventures, and living an overall healthier lifestyle (although, I STILL hate working out)
What's that? I'm supposed to be doing things like putting money into savings and retirement... hrm... about that
I hope to start a new feature on my blog about my clothing budget, spend vs. splurge situations, and ways in which I can better keep myself accountable in  (because, currently - I am certainly sucking!)
 Never better! Getting to spend time with my sister and nieces is so special (my sister had health complications following her delivery, and I am thankful that all three of my girls are getting stronger everyday!)
Bunco nights and hiking Sundays with my girls might be my new favorite monthly activities... my girlfriends are wonderful people... and I am so blessed to have this fabulous crew (you girls rock my world)! 
Not to mention the wonderful friends that I have met through this little adventure called blogging!

Working on ticking off my summer bucket list items has also strengthened my relationships recently (drive-in movies with the boy was definitely a July highlight!)

- pick my own berries
make homemade ice cream
go to the drive in movies
- get out of the city to watch the stars
swim in the lake (bonus: rent a party barge for the day!)
- learn to french braid my hair
- get a crawfish broil together!


 Trying a lifestyle that includes less gluten has broken me out of my cooking rut (best enchiladas EVER), and I am loving it (exploring Trader Joe's for gluten free goodies is my new love). I am also starting to feel more comfortable in front of my tripod with my new found camera skillz. I took my sewing machine home, and between 3 Sweatt ladies we still couldn't figure that bad boy out... I might have to just shell out for a sewing class! (I am committed to making that fox lamp... one day!)
What resolutions are you working on?
Any summer goals (still got another month!)?


  1. Sounds like you’ve had a great month!! Love the recap and all of the photos! I wish i had taken  more photos for the month.

    I want more beach time this summer. And, an afternoon picnic in central park with my girlfriends! 

    xo everything-pretty.com

  2. you are SO cute! I love that photo of you and doug - and looks like a GREAT month!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  3. Lovely July!  I love each of these looks for July. Dressing for hot weather is such a challenge and you do it fabulously.


  4. Looks like it was a good month! Summertime just makes everything better!

  5. Great post! How did I miss that very first outfit?! Love it!


  6. The first two looks are my fave - love the bubble necklace, love the tunic!

  7. Love that you are holding yourself accountable and improving areas in your life! If you do start a monthly budget post, I'd love for you to participate in a link up I have at the end of each month about budgetting! :D

  8. Great work on your goals this month!  Summer is a tough time because everything is just going by so fast and there's so much to do, so it's hard to stick with/make progress, but it looks like you did great!  I'd love to see your budget posts - I just started posting mine too as a way of reminding myself to stick with my goals and stay accountable!

  9. i love reading people's goals - you got this, jessica! august is going to be a KICK BUTT month for you! i know it!

  10. Oh thanks for letting me know lady, I will definitely be checking that out!


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