Sunday, August 19, 2012

vacation files: Portland, Oregon

Ok, I'm almost finished documenting my Oregon vacation... just a couple more! We had such a blast, and since this little slice of the internets serves not only as my platform for launching to fame (not!), but also my diary, I can't help myself!

This set is from some of our adventures in Portland - Farmers' Market, food truck meals, rail cars, river front beers, and catching up with friends new and old.
Dressed for a warm day exploring Portland on foot/rail
Love how the farmer arranged her tomatoes in an ombre gradient... it's like she did it just for me!

Favorite produce of Oregon indeed!
Those peppers be popping... I wanted to bit right into one!
Have you ever had beets? I used stay 10+ feet from these bright red monsters, but then Ty's dad made me buttered beets... and I am a reformed beet believer! You must try it!
berries for days! We got to pick our own a couple of days later! YUM!
Learning how to tell if a peach is ripe... I liked this booth, they had samples!
Cute peach bottoms!
The river runs right through the city, and the marinas that line it are gorgeous!
all aboard!
Brunching with friends... Ty's friends from college who have been sweet enough to take me into their fold
ok - I just have the wedding, berry picking, and some when-in-Oregon suggestions to sum up!
Till next time...


  1. Soo fun, I LOVE the farmer's market.  Almost as much as I love those blue lace shorts your wearing, haha :)

  2. YOU ARE MAKING ME HUNGRY FOR FRUIT! I've never been to Oregon but I'd like to go someday. Looking forward to your suggestions...I'll have to bookmark it for the future :)

    Sarah's Real Life

  3. Amazing photos, looks like a great time!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Those tomatoes look deeeeelicious!  I'm jealous. I also am liking the simplicity of your look in that photo.  I have to remember to have simple outfit days too. Loving these vacation recap posts!


  5. LOVE this. i love portland. it's such a gorgeous city! thanks for sharing the pics, girl!

  6. I love these photos!! Especially the ones of colorful vegetables. Looks like you had a really lovely time :)

  7. this looks beautiful. i LOVE farmers markets - and your blue lace shorts are just adorable

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails 

  8. YOU, my friend, are adorable! The farmer's market is always a favorite of mine... ours here in Nola delivers every Tuesday and it is ammaaazing. 

    Hope you have a fantastic week! 
    It's an Easy Life

  9. Looks like so much fun going on lately! 

  10. I love that necklace paired with those gorgeous lacey shorts!  Your photos are so colorful and vibrant I can almost smell the fruit!



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