Wednesday, August 15, 2012

vacation files: Multnomah Falls

What I Wore: J.Crew jacket, chambray top, shorts // Steve Madden sandals

Multnomah Falls was at the top of my Oregon vacation wish list. Although this spot is a bit of a tourist cliché, it is definitely a must do in my book. It is so funny to be driving along a major highway and happen upon this gorgeous waterfall... worth getting out of your car and taking a look
Ty and I visited the bottom of the waterfall (gorgeous) and then sweated our way up the mile hike to the top of the falls (breath taking... literally!)
Magical forest... in my mind at least
The stunning Columbia River Gorge behind me... so gorge!
At the top of the Falls... best. photo. bomb. EVER.
I touched it!... and it was COLD
A loooooong ways down! I spy with my little eye the bridge from the bottom of the falls...
And there is no barrier to prevent anyone from getting in the river and ending up over the falls... Oregon don't play

Ancient trees!
Apparently I missed this sign on the way up... and decided that no shoe change was needed to scale the mountain... I do my hiking in sandals... no big
After visiting the Falls, Ty and I headed into Portland to explore and attend a wedding on Saturday.
Relaxing in the beautiful sunny day in Washington Park, Oregon

More pictures to come from the wedding, what I wore, and the end of the trip.
Can't believe we are already headed home today!
What a wonderful trip, thank you Oregon for your stunning and hospitable nature!


  1. Love that photo bomb, so cute! This looks like such a fun and gorgeous hike! I cannot believe you made it in those sandals! What a trooper!!

    perfectly priya

  2. Cute shorts!


  3. such a cute outfit!! looks like a  beautiful place to visit! 


  4. Dang girl, you've got legsss for dayssss! :0)  Looks like it was a wonderful trip!

  5. Haha, thank you dear! Ty did find a flattering angle in that shot... Being vertically challenged (and photographed by taller people) my legs usually look like stumps! xx

  6. Wow, it looks amazing! Love your shorts, so pretty, and I'd love a jacket like that.

  7. Wow that "magic forest" is breathtaking! In fact, I really want to "pin" it!  I also want to comment on the fact that I love how you're able to layer during summer.  I always like the look of shorts with long sleeves but I rarely find the opportunity when the weather-stars align in order for me to do it!  By the way, sorry I haven't been commenting lately!  I got really overwhelmed and am easing myself back into it.  Just wanted to let you know I didn't disappear! :)


  8. Oh girl, you and me both love layering in the summer... And I'm so happy I got the chance to do so while in Oregon! Definitely not a possibility back in Nashville! I hope you get ahead of your to-do list... I have been a little blogging MIA for the past week too... It happens :) xx

  9. You are looking very nice in this photographs.I think that is most happiest moment of your life.

  10. What gorgeous photos! And LOVE your outfit - too cute :)
    The Other Side of Gray 

  11. What GORGEOUS photos!! I love these! That waterfall is breathtaking :) 

    xo everything-pretty.com

  12. this looks beautiful! what a perfect vacay spot -and your shorts?!?! amazing

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails 


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