Tuesday, August 28, 2012

J.Crew Fall/Winter 2012

I have been holding out thinking about Fall fashions... but I think I am finally ready to talk about it. Starting with J.Crew of course.
Their styling is always amazing... but can be sometimes the uniqueness can be over the top
Click to see what I am loving, wearing, and scratching my head at
Pinks for Fall - yes please!

Loving: all over prints, hot pink heels, tweedy jackets, lady like looks, and pastels

Wearing: leather, chic suits, pattern mixing, luxe textures

Scratching my head: mo-hair jacket? Head to toe (lit-er-ally) print? PJs for day time?
Have you checked out the J.Crew Fall/Winter Lookbook?
What was a hit for you? a miss?


  1. love the prints!! and am ready for fall!!

  2. After looking at the designer fashions and their dark colors I am relieved to see pinks for Fall. I can't afford or fit into these fashions but hopefully the colors will be available in other fashions.

  3. oh i love all of the color for fall! 


  4. I wish i could buy everything in their collection!

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  5. Amen sister! I'm excited that Old Navy and Forever21 have had lots of J.Crew look alike pieces lately... But maybe I can splurge on one amazing J.Crew collection item!!

  6. Don't do this to me. I LOVE their collection but can't afford anything nor buy anything since they don't have stores on my side of this planet :D I am doubting to get their black mini pants, since I love those and they would make a great fall staple :) My dad-in-law is going to NYC at the end of Septeùmber so I still have time to decide wheter I'd splurge or not... x

  7. I love J.Crew as much as the next girl, but the head-to-toe print is just ridiculous! Seriously, I'm not going to wear pants that are made from the same cloth as my shoes!
    Also, PJs for day time - not so much...

    On the other hand, sweaters and pencils skirts are just the thing to have this fall...


  8. Haven't checked out the lookbook, I may just refer to your post because it's less painful in reminded me that no, I can't buy all that stuff! As far as I'm concerned, J.Crew is a hit! Loved looking at their new heel collection (and no, I would not match them to my outfit! Weird!)

    perfectly priya

  9. I actually love the things you've been scratching your head over the most :) I guess every has different tastes but personally the pj trend looks oh so relaxed and sophisticated if done right.  I'm ridiculously excited for the return of vintage silhouette coats and trenches though.


  10. I have yet to look at their fall lookbook, but j.crew can do no wrong for fall... well, ever! Love all the mixed prints and leather!


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