Friday, January 25, 2013

Be Mine

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Ok, I'll be the first to admit it, I take any excuse to purchase & send fabulous paper goods, but Valentine's Day certainly has to be my favorite cute-paper-good fueling holiday!

Whether you are throwing a Valentine's soiree, a night out for GAL-entine's day, or snuggling up with your main squeeze there are so many ways you can spread your love by the post - certainly a long ways from my glitter+doily note making days back in middle school!

I personally have my eye on those adorable Rifle Paper Co. postcards!


  1. i just purchased the rifle postcards yesterday! great taste, my dear :)

  2. These are all so lovely! I plan on making some Valentine’s Day cards this year ( DIY will be up on Tuesday!)

  3. they all look so adorable!beautiful.

  4. I haven't sent v-day card out in a few year.

  5. wow, these are too cute!! With everything going digital, I love getting a hand written note from someone.


  6. What a good idea! This will be great for my gal pals in other states! Thanks!

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