Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year: 2013

Happy New Year! Time to talk about our resolutions!
Last year I gave myself 12 resolutions for 2012... & loved the motivated they gave me to energize my relationships, my hobbies, my health, & my blog { read the posts about my 2012 resolution check-ins here }.
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This year I only have one resolution, & it is a big one: { Live simply }
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What does "living simply" mean to me?
Well, many things actually, including:
 - Buy only what I love (i.e. those 50 closet staples I have been talking about!)
- Purge : exfoliate unused items
- Organize, so I can know what I have, & appreciate my pretty things!
- Work smarter (not necessarily harder)
- Eat simple foods that nurture my body
- Enjoy simple moments (ahem...live in the Here&Now!!)
- Create more (DIY baby!)
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I hope to share more about my goal to "Live Simply" in 2013 in the months to come.
What are your resolutions for 2013?
Any one else craving a little more simplicity in their lives?


  1. Hi Jess, I love reading about goals for the new year. I'll strive to pay more attention to my body - pay close attention to what I eat and drink and exercise as much (or more) than I used to. The past two years I've not been treating my body as well as I should. Happy New Year - congrats to you on the growth of your blog!!

    XO Jen

  2. I like this.


  3. Love your list! I need to work on all of those things myself...


  4. Words to live by!  Thanks for posting!  Happy 2013 :)


  5. Jessica, I love this post, and I think living simply is a fantastic resolution! There is soo much clutter in our lives today, it's stressful and definitely distracts us from those beautiful simple things! Love the quotes and pictures you shared here, and I think you've made some great resolutions for the year. Totally with ya on the purge my closet thing...we'll see how that goes. Thanks as always for your sweet support, and I am so thrilled for you because your blog is literally exploding!!

    perfectly priya


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