Thursday, October 31, 2013

2013 year budget: October

For 2013 I am budgeting my clothing allowance based on the entire year. Sound crazy? Read more about it {here}

Honestly, this is sort of an unnews-worthly budget round up as I really didn't set out to purchase anything this month. My main focus in October was to get the Christmas present shopping off to a solid start (check!), but along the way I of course stumbled upon some items that I couldn't resist. A new cold weather survival set of hat/snood/gloves from J.Crew Factory, a pair of bootcut jeans (signed by celebrities I might add!), pretty baubles that brightened up those gray autumn days, & a J.Crew blazer that was so outta my price range until J.Crew had one of their famous gotta-grab-it-fast super sales. Cha-ching!

This was also the first month that I attempted to supplement my clothing budget by selling pre-loved items on Poshmark. I would love to send the rest of my super gently worn items to happy new homes, so sign up for Poshmark (use code "HNDCJ" to get a $5 credit!) & shop my closet {here}
(psst... I'm in the mood to make some deals, give me your best offer!)
 1. Chip & Pepper bootcut jeans = $68.00 (signed by Chip and Pepper themselves, I couldn't help myself!)
2. J.Crew factory Scarf, hat, glittens = $49.50
3. DaisyGem neon & art deco necklaces = $44
(get $5 off art deco necklace with code "JESS5")
4. J.Crew colorblock blazer, marked down from $198 to $59.99 (now sold out, but you can peep it here)

Purchases = $221.49
- $68 made selling clothes on Poshmark this month
Net spent in October = $153.49

- January  $149.94
- February $241.71
- March $245.50
- April $187.37
- May $222.71
- June $405.46
- July $89.98
- August $264.15
- September $428.37
- October $153.49
Remaining = $606.64
Boy were my sponsors generous this month!!
Gifted in October: Kendra Scott earrings (Jewelers Wife) // InPink jade drop earrings & pave gold necklace // Gold & Gray tassel bracelet // Gigi New York “All in One” clutch // Denizen jeans // Dearfoams slippers
How did your budget hold up in October?


  1. Those statement necklaces you bought totally have me jealous–I really need to add a few new ones to my collection!

  2. The necklaces you purchased are gorgeous!



  3. Those two necklaces are divine! I need some more crystal necklaces!


  4. Those DaisyGem necklaces are gorgeous! And your sponsors really were great! Those pieces are fab!



    A Southern Drawl

  5. Are you as in love with your denizen jeans as I am? They fit amazingly!

  6. Oh my goodness, great fit & seriously so comfortable! In the past, I usually avoided jeans with a lot of stretch, but now I am asking myself why! ha

  7. Those necklaces are amazing! I need to start budgeting, or at least writing down what I spend in a month! I forget that I buy things and locate them months later! :)

    <3 Vicki

  8. Loving the necklaces and that blazer you scored! Great buys

    xo, Nina


  9. Great additions to your wardrobe! I'm working on a clothing budget, but am tracking my spending for a few months before settling on an amount. Love that your budget is based on the year, Merry Christmas to you!! www.missnewbrady.blogspot.com

  10. Gorgeous necklaces! Pop over and see what I bought this month! xoxo


  11. Ahhh budgeting can be tough sometimes esp when we have so many wants haha. But they are great to keep a track of! Love statement necklaces!

  12. Gorgeous finds! I love all of the amazing jewelry pieces you picked up, and that clutch is fab!


  13. That's a great plan to track your current level of shopping for a few months before establishing a budget. That way you can really see if you need to curtail spending in one area, or maybe focus funds on purchasing specific wardrobe holes & what not. Looks like I am on schedule to have a little of my budgeted money left over at the end of the year… might have to get myself a little sumpin'!

  14. Love the statement necklaces you got, so gorgeous!

  15. I super super wanted that J.Crew blazer and missed it in my size! Congrats lady... can't wait to see how you style it!

  16. those necklaces are so pretty!!

  17. I bought a scarf and glittens from J. Crew Factory, too! However, I will not be joining Budgeting Bloggers this month so as not to bring shame to the institution... Oy



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