Monday, October 21, 2013

stomp around

At the end of the Summer OnlineShoes.com reached out to me about a shoe styling competition. The words shoes + styling in the same sentence give me the exiting type of chill bumps, so of course I said YES! And then these gorgeous boots from Merrell Shoes arrived, teasing me during the final weeks of 90+ degree weather, silently taunting me, waiting for me to take them out & stomp around in the woods.
{ What I Wore: Urban Outfitters button down // J.Crew stripe tee (love this) // Old Navy Rockstar denim // Merrell Autumn Haven c/o OnlineShoes.com }
Now that Fall has arrived, these are my go-to boots. Our first excursion together was to a local park with my new friend Zipporah. Thank goodness for Zipporah's fabulous photography skills & for taking these photos! (see her photography blog here).
So back to this little competition. I am going head-to-head with 3 other fabulous bloggers, to see who wore it best (cue Joan Rivers!)
I love this more tom-boyish look, perfect for stomping through those crispy Fall leaves. If you like it too, I would really appreciate it if you could take a second to vote for me in the competition, it is super easy & only takes 1 click! (& you can do it once per day... thanks!!)

You will also be entered to win a pair of your own boots & should definitely check out their fabulous selection of women's boots while you're there!
Recap: please go here to vote for me (once per day!!) & enter to win a pair of boots too!
thank you thank you thank you for all your support!
(the contest runs through November 1st!)


  1. you look fab! love these boots and your plaid on stripes look!

    kw ladies in navy

  2. Voted! Those boots look just perfect for hiking this fall, want. :)

    <3 Vicki

  3. I'm headed to vote for you! I'm in their contest next month :) Good luck and I hope you win!


  4. You are absolutely stunning! xx


  5. yayyy for boot weather!;) love your fall perfect look!

  6. Cute! Love these photos :) and love the mix of plaid and stripes!


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