Tuesday, October 1, 2013

2013 year budget: September

For 2013 I am budgeting my clothing allowance based on the entire year. Sound crazy? Read more about it {here}

While I have mentioned before that my life circumstances allow me to spend rather frivolously on clothes shopping, this month was kind of out of control. I might or might not have administered myself some shopping therapy to deal with a rather emotionally stressful month at work (spoiler alert: I did!)

That is the great thing about my year budget though, I don't totally have to beat myself up about this major Fall clothing temptation slip up, because I can course correct over the remaining months & still come out even in the end. In fact, I plan on taking it easy on personal shopping in October to start my Christmas shopping (the most wonderful time of the year!!!)

I also think this September splurge is a good lesson to keep in mind for next year... I obviously like to shop in September, so having extra cash squirreled away from previous months might be an excellent life decision.

Ok, enough yammering, here's the damage!

H&M: $100.35 (it was a month of hat shopping! H&M being available for online shopping is proving to be very tempting!)
H&M floppy hat $19.95 // H&M leather jacket $49.50 // wool hat $17.95 // felt baseball cap $12.95

Target: $89.98 // minisatchel $34.99 // large tote $54.99 (my new favorite purses, no lie!)

Old Navy: $68.68 (merchandise subtotal = $118.82, had $30 in extra bucks!)
Plaid shirt $20.14 // hello gorgeous tee $7.48 // flippy blue skirt $20.14 – RETURNED, ran a size big // Windowpane shirt dress $22.38 // bedazzled sweatshirt $18.68

Forever21: $80.36 (my first purchase here in AGES, it was a mixed bag. The polka dot pants are currently at the tailor & I am excited to have those made to fit babies back soon!)
sheath dress $22.80 - RETURNED, not flattering // zebra sweatshirt $24.80 - RETURNED, it was baaaad {evidence} // tribal shorts $22.80 // tie front top $15.80 // polka dot pants $21.96 // striped blouse $19.80

J.Crew Factory: $68.50
sequin tee $68.50 // lace tee $69.50 - RETURNED, felt too cheap to pay that much

ShoeMint: $20.50
"Elizabeth" + "Katie" + "Karen" = 1 "rewards points" credit + $20.50

total $565.71 after discounts
returns $144.04
total $428.37

So how is my year budget of $3,000 panning out?
- January  $149.94
- February $241.71
- March $245.50
- April $187.37
- May $222.71
- June $405.46
- July $89.98
- August $264.15
- September $428.37
Remaining = $760.13
(leaving ~$250/month for the next 3 months)

I am also very thankful to my lovely sponsors for gifting me the following items this month: Chicnova leather jacket (worn here) // Gentle Fawn orange dresstulip skirt (worn here) // maroon dress // Boutique Onze dress (worn here) // Silvano Sunglasses (worn here)
How did you monthly budgeting go?
Any big splurges for the new season?

P.S. Did you know you can peep all my closet purchases right here on Pinterest anytime?
P.P.S. Have you claimed your $20 credit to Nyopoly yet?


  1. I spent a bunch on clothes this month, too much probably! But I figure it's a new season and totally necessary! Booties, jeans, sweaters, need!


  2. Woooow!! You definitely madre great buys!! Love the plaid shoes and the striped t-shirt!!

  3. You got so much great stuff, love that embellished sweatshirt! I like to shop a lot in Sept. too...all the new fall pieces are out so it's hard to resist!

    The Tiny Heart
    PayPal Cash Giveaway!

  4. You are one smart cookie. I need to jump on this budget per year train!


  5. Ah, you got so many goodies this month! Honestly, I feel like September is always a big shopping month for me–the change of seasons does it!

  6. I only went a tiny bit overboard, and then came last night when I decided to take advantage of the 60% off Ann Taylor sale. It was the last night and I just went for it. When the big shipment comes in I'm just going to pretend it came from the stork like a baby.

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

  7. ahhh I love all your purchases this month! Those tribal shorts are fantastic. Can't wait to see you wear all your pretties.

    BTW are you keeping both leather jackets? They're both really cute, but it seems kind of redundant to have two such similar jackets, and I remember you asking about them on instagram, so just curious! :)

  8. I always enjoy these posts! Though my shopping budget right now isn't really comparable to yours, I love to see how you divy it up, and how grounded it is, even with money to spend. I've been in love with Old Navy for a few years now, agreed, they are killing it and I could do some serious damage! All three pairs of shoes are adorable (the gingham kitten heels?! meow!) and that purse ooommgggg. Target purses ftw, seriously!

    perfectly priya

  9. i really should set a personal budget for myself. I havent quite mastered this yet!! xo


  10. great buys! September and October are always big spending times... totally normal! :)

  11. You seem to like shopping a lot in June and Sept! But I think your plan is a good one, the yearly budget takes some guilt away, and Christmas shopping gets the shopping urge taken care of but you're shopping for others which doesn't effect your personal clothing budget! I love the window pane dress, Factory sequin top, and all of the shoes! I also bought that ON sweatshirt and I cannot wait to wear it!


  12. I tend to go on big spending spurts as well -- all the big seasonal changes make this a definite problem come September haha, I'd love to know though, what's the fit like on that windowpane dress and the polka-dot pants? Love both!

  13. "Booties, jeans, sweaters, need"... can we just go ahead & make that into a T-shirt? Love it!

  14. A-freaking-greed! The combo of Summer sales & new Fall pieces is pretty lethal to my budget!

  15. haha, thanks! It definitely helps... now when I am thinking of purchasing something, I have to consider sharing it on the internets for all to see... keeps me in check like you wouldn't believe!

  16. Good to keep in mind for stinking to those future budgets! But also happy to hear that I'm not the only one that falls for clothes in a major way during September!

  17. Oh man that sounds like a deal that definitely shouldn't have been passed up! I have become the queen of, "oh, this old thing?... it's been in my closet for years...", but now that the fiancé reads this here blog, those stories are getting much harder for him to believe!

  18. Yes, after polling the lovelies of Instagram, I decided to keep both leather jackets. They are each very unique, but fit me perfectly, a very rare feat indeed. I have in the past kicked myself for not picking up multiples in the classics that I love (those perfect dark skinny jeans, black ballet flats, etc.), So now I figure that I am set on leather jackets for YEARS & it elates me to no end. I am also certainly thankful that one was gifted to me by my sponsors so that I can afford both & stick to my budget :)

  19. Thanks lady! I always strive to be a blogger that it totally relatable to women in all stages of their lives, from college student, to more established working women, so your comment definitely hits home.

  20. Thanks lady! I have been wearing them a lot & can't believe that they haven't made the blog yet... soon I promise!

  21. You definitely hit the nail on the head with all of those points! I can't wait to see how you style up your bedazzled sweatshirt too!

  22. The windowpane dress definitely fits loose, I went with the Small to get the length that I wanted, making it looser in the waist then I expected, but nothing a cute belt can't fix. As for the polka dot pants, I got a size 4, and they fit in the hips but I am having a tailor take in the waist & taper the leg opening as well. Every body is different, but that is what works for me. I was very impressed by the quality of the fabric & finishes of the seams on the polka dot pants, so I think even with my $30 investment at the tailors, they are still a great price for what you get!


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