Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Shopping: Save the ta-tas

Everything is coming up pink for October, Breast Cancer Awareness month.
As a biomedical researcher, I know how expensive & slow finding a "cure" will be, but half the struggle is bringing attention to this worthy cause so that government/private donors/corporations will get behind it. Think that your little contributions won't make a difference? Better think again, supporting these corporations below directly supports research & shows your efforts to save the ta-tas too!
1 (a portion proceeds donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation) // 2 (20% of sales donated to Bra-Ha-Ha) // 3 // 4 // 5 (all net proceeds go to Noreen Fraser Foundation) // 6 (15% donated to research) // 7 // 8 (10% goes to Breast Cancer Research Foundation) // 9 ($10 of each purchase goes to Breast Cancer Research Foundation) // 10 (20% donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation)

Of course, October is awareness month for many other things as well. In honor of Spina Bifida awareness month, I have to have a proud Aunt moment & say that my sweet niece has started walking! When she was born, no one really knew to what extent her spina bifida would affect her development, but Claire continues to surprise us at every milestone & through it all has been the most cheerful baby EVER!


  1. Such a great post. I'm hosting BBCA which is Blogging for Breast cancer awareness. If you would like to use this post and join in. Let me know. I will be doing a special blog post with all the bloggers who are take part in this.

    Ya on your niece walking

  2. Love all of these items! Great cause and great color. That scarf looks very pretty, I love all of the colors and pattern.



  3. Jessica, Thank you for using your bog as a platform to raise awareness for breast cancer. As a biologist and stage IV cancer warrior, it is disheartening to state that we know so little about this disease. Whether oncogene research or novel medications lead us to the next big break; I would just like to add that women should get to "know" their breasts, push for mammograms even if "you're not the right age" and keep on supporting all their "sisters" in this fight! Yeah for Claire!!

  4. Christine, Thank YOU for sharing your story - how incredible! I do sometimes get a little "jaded" from working so close to biomedical research and seeing all the bureaucracy that mucks up the research pipeline, but I have also met some incredible scientists that are truly passionate about finding a cure, so there is certainly hope! And you are so right, women need to get comfortable with their bodies, there is a lot they can teach us :)

  5. Thanks for sharing this. I really love supporting causes and this is 10 fabulous ways to support a great one :)

    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina

  6. As a fellow researcher - kudos to you for posting this! There are so many great shopping picks here and I love that you included exactly how much goes to research. I also want to say congratulations to your niece, that is incredible! I wish that more cancer types and diseased got as much recognition as breast cancer does, so thank you for including that tidbit as well!


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