Wednesday, October 16, 2013

my bedside table story

Part of my journey to live for the "Here&Now" includes learning to "bloom where I am planted".
As I child, that old fashioned saying used to frustrate me to no end. 

Bloom where you are planted!? Why not pick up your roots & run wild, be free!? What good is it just putting up with ok when you could go out & find awesome! (I had a bit of a rebellious streak growing up... it explains a lot!)
So now that I find myself living in a teeny tiny townhouse surrounded by pug hair & a job that I'm not 100% crazy about... I totally get it.
Life isn't about wanting the "good life" that is out there somewhere, it is about making what you have right in front of you your best life.
Thrive where you are. Bloom in the moment.

So while my humble abode isn't going to be gracing the amazingness of Glitter Guide, or the Every Girl any day soon, I want to work on cherishing it, even in its imperfectness. 

Hopefully once or twice a month I will share with you a snapshot of my home, a behind the scenes look at mi casa. I picked up the laundry & blew off the pug hair, but these are not stylized shots, just my house as it was on a rainy Sunday evening... heck, I even left my retainer out for you! Now that's hospitality. 

Welcome to my bedroom:
c/dock iPhone charger & my current reading list 
Going to bed with soft & yummy smelling hands is the best! (Anthro pure & good lotion)
Practicing the cultivation of gratitude with my nightly journal. I light a candle, reflect on my day, jot down a note... & then get on Instagram. haha, keeping it real!
I never before owned "room spray" but this W Hotel's room fragrance is legit! I spritz a little on my pillow before I brush my teeth & get to sink my head into deliciousness every night!
bedside tables, last year's Threshold collection from Target
The other side of the bed, Ty's reading material is a little different than my selections!
We collect corks from meaningful occasions, write a note on them & keep them close by to remember our good fortunes & great times!
A favorite pillow from PB Teen (old)
I swear, she is a Sour Patch kid. One moment she's sweet, the next she's horrid! #grumpypug
Silk peonies that we will be using in our wedding.
my stud muffin, Doug the Pug
I inherited this wall map from school & we use it to document all the places we have travelled together. It is nice waking up & dreaming about vacations!
The Kentucky Derby in Louisville, picking out our pugs in Bowling Green, meeting in Nashville, school retreats at Paris Landing State Park, white water rafting outside Chattanooga, music festival shenanigans in Manchester Tennessee.
my little model. she loves to twerk, don't be fooled!
my jellies watch over me as I sleep!

So there she blows! I never knew I could take so many pictures of such a small room! And I even managed to forget to capture one of my favorite prints (gotta love a good Vonnegut quote!)

How do you bloom where you are planted?


  1. OOOH! Your room is incredible! I love the nightstand display especially. I really suck at styling books I've learned. I should take lessons from you.


  2. I love this, Jess! Where did you get your night stand tables? I love the simple shape.

  3. Ooh yes, I meant to mention that. I got them at Target last year... Let me search the website & see if they pop up again :)

  4. Your bedroom looks so cozy, Jessica! I'm obsessed with your night stand tables–they're just perfect. I love that you save wine corks, too...I do the same! I'm really looking forward to seeing more posts about your home!

  5. this reminds me that I need to pick up "The Happiness Project" finally!

  6. Your bedroom is so lovely! Don't discount it - I could totally see it gracing the Everygirl site ;) Your adorable little pugs certainly help to spice it up, too.

  7. I absolutely love that saying. Your room is gorgeous too, love the wall map idea. And I'm on my way to target to pick up some night stands....

    xo, Nina


  8. Okay so your room is awesome! haha And I just love that map idea. Too cute and sweet! I'll have to pin that so I can remember.

  9. Jessica you are so right!!! I have never heard of that phrase, but it really puts things into perspective! Thrive where you are...bloom in the moment! You are wise beyond your years girl! Thank you for sharing that with us! I will always remember it and make the most out of what I have:))! Rita @ www.CoastWithMe.com

  10. I love your color-coordinated book stacks :)



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