Saturday, October 5, 2013

weekend reading: 10.05.13

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This weekend why don't you :: rock the print of the season, windowpane!

{what you might have missed on Here&Now}
{1.} A $100 giftcard giveaway from Fringe & Lace.

{2.} Tackling another blogging first.

{3.} Where the money went in September, stepping up to the budgeting bloggers plate.

{4.} My take on the windowpane trend, two ways.

{5.} A new jean collection I am ga-ga for.

{posts I'm loving around the internets}
{1.} The comments in this post about how the blogging landscape is changing were so insightful. 

{2.} Do you take advantage of the anonymity of the internets

{3.} Is it time for a make-up drawer clean out

{4.} Have you ever wondered where your blog traffic is coming from? This tutorial answers all your Google Analytics questions

{5.} Are your dreams big enough?


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