Thursday, January 12, 2012


When I started this blog a whopping 3 months ago in October, 2011 I knew that I wanted this little spot on the internet to be a place to share my daily fashions, as well for it to be a journal to look back on. In the new year I would like to start doing a better job of chronicling just exactly where I am in this Here&Now life. My first step in this direction is going to be implementation of a bi-weekly "Awkward & Awesome Thursdays". Awkward and Awesome Thursdays are a brain child of the wonderful Sydney over at The Daybook, and I have really enjoyed reading her hilarious and "that-is-so-me" moments. I think it will be fun to look back at my Awkward & Awesome Thursdays to see exactly what was awkward and awesome in my life at that point along the journey.
{Doug is Awkward & Awesome too!}

Ok here are some of my awkwards and awesomes from the past week... now that I am doing this, I will try to pay attention and remember more!
- Wearing the same jeans 3 days in a row ... saggy butt!
- Waking up to find tinkle on the bathroom floor and not knowing if it is from the dog or the boy roommate (instinct told me it was not the dog, unfortunately I was right!)
- Having your roommates find out you have a fashion blog when they walk up on a fashion-shoot-in progress occurring in our back yard! oh hey guys!

Coming home to the most excited pug ever! (he has energy for 15 minutes when I get home, and then he is content to chill with me the rest of the night. BEST. DOG. EVER!)
- Getting to watch the Razorbacks (Arkansas Football team) one last time on TV for the season... ok, I got my fix, y'all can take a few months off now
- My sister sharing ultrasound pictures of her adorable twin girls (6 months along)!

Want to join in on the Awkwardness & Awesomeness? Head on over and visit where it all started {here}, or let them loose on the comments below!


  1. My puggle Oliver does that same head tilt to the side thing! He usually does it when I ask him if he wants to go out for a walk but sometimes I'll just be talking to him and he'll do it. Almost as if he's trying really hard to figure out what I'm saying haha.


  2. i'm so happy awkward & awesome thursdays are back! she is a genius, that lady. your pup is so cute!! and i can 110% agree with the saggy bum jean look; i'll be rockin' it tonight due to being lazy with laundry yesterday. oh well!

  3. Aw, a dembabies shoutout! LYLAKBLE!

  4. I love the pug/puggle head tilt. Have you seen the pug head tilt video on youtube? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVMhuiHm50I

  5. laundry day happened last night - turned that awkward saggy bottom into awesome warm jeans! woo


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