Monday, January 30, 2012


Old Navy Blanket Sweater
Gap Red Jeggings
J.Crew Ballet Flats {similar}
StyleMint Abbot Kinney Tee
DIY chain necklace
Get in here boyfriend... it's CHILLY!

Mrs. Sara Soda the other day took the words right out of my mouth when she expressed her distaste of coats. And I would just like to say a big DITTO to Sara Soda. We have not really had any REAL Winter here in Nashville (yet), and since Mother Nature can't make up her mind, I hate putting on a huge coat in the morning when it is chilly only to walk out of work in the evening to 60 degree temps and people giving me odd glances. So mostly this winter I have just been skipping the coat layer, and relying instead on cuddly sweaters. This sweater in particular is basically a square of fabric with arms... aka prettyAWESOME! The extra fabric on this sweater also came in handy yesterday for covering my eyes during the stressful parts of "The Grey"... my face was pretty much covered the ENTIRE time!
Stay Warm


  1. You look so cozy in your sweater and it's probably perfect for the chilly mornings! I so wish it got up to 60 degrees here in January! I usually have to wear my coat all day long although it's been a mild winter here too (mild meaning it's been 45 degrees as opposed to 30s).

    PS Running a necklace giveaway on my blog today!

  2. In <3 with your sweater!:)



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