Thursday, January 5, 2012

playing dress up

As a little girl, my use of lipstick was reserved for playing dress up or dance recitals. I watched my grandmother apply lipstick as soon as she got out of bed, and questioned my Sissy's use of lipstick as blush in a pinch. Even when I started officially wearing make-up in Junior High, my lip covering of choice remained classic Chapstick (strawberry flavored, of course!). I wasn't ever against colored lips, I think I felt it was too "grown-up"...

But now I have made an acquaintance to lipstick... and it is a new growing obsession of mine 
(we are still getting to know each other, we aren't BFFs yet). 

Over the holidays I was introduced to two new forms of lipstick:

{1} Clinique "Almost Lipstick" in Black Honey
{2} Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain in Plum Pout (#425) 

I love the Almost Lipstick because it is just like a tinted "chapstick" (soft and moisturizing), with a medium amount of color, and it looks amazing on everyone. Seriously, my Sissy, sister and I all got it and it is unique and flattering on each of us!

The Outlast Lipstain was a little different at first. When my sister told me to, "draw it on like a marker" I was concerned. But that is literally what it is... a tapered marker for your lips. The color is awesome (very saturated) and it stays put for hours. This has officially been deemed "boyfriend approved" as Ty usually regrets kissing me when I am wearing anything colored or glossy/sticky. When wearing my Lipstain he doesn't get color transferred to his lips, nor does he have to suffer sticky residue. The only drawback is that the "marker" is less than moisturizing, so reapplication of gloss is required throughout the day. 

What are some of your favorite lip colors, brands, or application techniques? 
I am new to this world of lip color, show me around 


  1. Great lipstick!Love the shades!

  2. sweetie i just found your blog, what about follow each other?

  3. i've been wanting to try the outlast lipstain! glad to hear it got a good review from you! i'll have to pick it up now.

  4. i know this is kind of granola...but i love burts bees lip tint in red dahlia. it's my first step from just burts bees chapstick to a little color. baby steps!

  5. thanks for your lovely comment!
    i'm following you now*


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