Monday, January 16, 2012

design crush... gemma correll

Good morning! It is Monday, and everyone else has a day off (Happy birthday MLK Jr.!), but being that I am a graduate student and we never get days off, I am at work... So you enjoy your day off, I am going to make the most of my Monday! {insert forced smile here}
I recently ran across a very talented illustrator/artist/designer, Gemma Correll. You may have seen her work over at ModCloth {Winston "the hipster pug" Tote} or from these too cute for words buttons.
I don't know why I haven't found her before now... a amazing woman who draws llamas and pugs... that cannot be more up my alley! In fact, I think I have a design crush!
All of these pictures are Ms. Correll's original work. 
Support her by checking out her awesome website, or find & follow her on Twitter. She also owns pugs, specifically Bella and Mr. Norman Pickles. For not having thumbs, Mr. Pickles has managed to design quite the adorable blog (I'm not jealous at all!) You can also join the other 1200+ lovely people that are friends with Mr. Norman Pickles on Facebook.

Hope you have a great Monday filled with fun and new adventures (or new design crushes!)

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  1. I love the pug drawings (I've seen Winston at ModCloth) and Mr.Pickles' blog is adorable! Thanks for sharing all the pug love :)



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